Thursday, December 29, 2016

Marathon Training Week 6

Finally a good week of training. No weather messing with my plans and it wasn't freezing either!

Monday: 5.5 easy miles at about 10mm
Tuesday: 6x1000 m at tempo with a warm up and cool down for 8 miles total
Wednesday: 3 miles easy
Thursday:5.8 miles on partly a trail run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 16 miles at easy pace. It was Christmas Eve morning and the weather wasn't too bad. It was drizzling, but not too cold. Most of the canal trail was plowed and there was only a little bit of ice here or there. This is the furthest and longest I have ever run at one time!

This week marked the end of the first phase of my training. 6 weeks down and 12 more to go.

Phase one recap:
Ran over 190 miles in 6 weeks
I was able to stick to my plan for every one but one due to the weather.
Overall I think I am on track for hitting my B goal, not sure about my A goal and my goal would be severe disappointment if I didn't make that.
I'm almost due for a new pair of running shoes and I need to invest in a descent pair of crampons or yaxtrax. The winter is just starting to ramp up and I am sure I am in for a lot more snow and ice. I feel like if I can get through training in this miserable weather, it almost won't matter what race day brings, I have seen and ran through it all, cold, snow, ice, rain, and freezing temps.

Phase two, here I come!

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