Monday, December 19, 2016

Marathon Training Week 5

The weather in Rochester is not what I thought I would be training in for this marathon. When I signed up for the Shamrock Marathon in June I thought I would be training in Coastal Virginia, little did I know that God had other plans for my family. So here I am, in Rochester, NY, training in the bitter cold, snow, ice, and slush. I have been putting off a gym membership for a number reasons so, I don't have the treadmill as an option. The cold really hasn't been a factor. I am learning how to layer and depending how cold it is, I am usually comfortable within the first mile. However, the ice and slush are my mortal enemies. I do not have a decent pair of Yaxtrax (come on Santa) so I am slipping and sliding all over the place if I am not ankle deep in slush. Good times.

So here is what I managed to get done this week.

Monday- 4.5 easy miles around the neighborhood

Tuesday- This was a mixed tempo that I did on the canal trail. I left my post-it note with the breakdown at home and ended up doing an extra mile at tempo because I couldn't remember the actual workout.

2 mile warm up
2 miles at tempo
1 mile easy
1mile at tempo
1 minute recovery
1mile at tempo
1 minutes recovery
1 mile at tempo
half mile recovery (I was getting cold)

8.5 miles total

Wednesday- I did 4.5 miles as part of a scavenger hunt put on by a local running store. Basically, the store puts together a festive list of checkpoints around town to run to. Team with the most points wins something fun, like beer. There is usually a company who sponsors it and provides food and drinks post run. It's a fun time. I am still trying to meet people in my new city and this is a fun way to do that. I did one in October and won a massage ball. Since I don't know many people, I  was a free agent and got put on a team that's pace was a bit faster than I should have been running after my hard tempo run from the day before, but since I didn't know any of them, I just sucked it up and sprinted onto each checkpoint. It was freezing, so maybe they just wanted to get it done! Either way, I had fun and met some people. (P.S. according to my training plan Wednesday is either rest/cross train/or easy 3 mile run.)

Thursday-FREEZING and lots of SNOW. I did not run. I was suppose to do 5 miles, but since I did two back to back hard days and it was miserable outside I chalked it up as a rest day.

Saturday-12 miles on the schedule. 6.5 miles accomplished. I can't blame it entirely on the weather, I had many obstacles between those 12 miles and me. Besides having to put off my run until the afternoon due to it being too cold and dark in the early morning and my husband not wanting me to run in the cold and dark alone, and then having my sons basketball game mid-morning, I had legit car issues. I finally registered my car with the State of NY and in doing so one needs a NYS inspection. In order to pass said inspection I needed new tires, which did not come as a surprise. Well, the service station did not tighten the lug nuts on my rear passenger side tire. You might think that I would have caught this as I was leaving the service station, but the roads were so covered in snow, I drove around the corner to my house very slowly and didn't think anything of it. The next day on my way to the canal trail that was plowed and runable for my Saturday long run, I discovered the loose lug nuts. As I got up to speed my car was shaking and making a horrible noise. When I pulled over, so did the car behind me to tell me he thought my tire was going to come off! I tightened the lug nuts as best as I could and I slowly drove it back to the service station and parked it until today. (It was still making the sound and I didn't think I should drive all the way to the canal and potentially damage my car.) So I did not have a way to get to the canal or a decent surface to run on. I tried to run the sidewalks, but they were covered in slippery slush, which at times, was up to my ankle, if they were plowed at all. It was the second crappy long run in a row, but at least last week I got in the miles.

Total mileage 26.5, about 10 miles short for the week.

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