Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Marathon Training Week 4

I'm not going to lie. It was a tough week. It was a lot to get me out the door for each run. It is truly starting to be winter here and the novelty of running in the cold and snow has warn off. At least I hope its the winter and not my determination to train all in for this marathon.

Weekly review:

Monday- 5 easy miles. This was the most enjoyable run of the week. I ran part of it on a trail and someone had put Christmas ornaments throughout the park and since there was a light dusting of snow it made me smile and the miles flew by.

Tuesday-9 miles with 7x800 making up the majority of it. I ran to the track and the whole way there I kept telling myself that if I only did 5 repeats it would be ok. I did do 7, but the 6th was much slower than it should have been. Instead of quitting I took a longer rest break and finished strong.

Thursday-Another easy day with only 4 miles. It was suppose to be at easy pace and the only pace my mind wanted to go was "walk". I somehow talked myself into the run and got it done.

Saturday-This was the "BIG" run I had been working up to the last 4 weeks. 15 miles. The first five at easy, the next five 30 seconds faster, and the last 5 at MP. It did not go like that at all. It was freezing. I overdressed. I started about 3 hours later than I should have. My stomach hurt. I had to pee. I had nothing good to listen to. And that was all in the first 5 "easy" miles (Which looking back on I probably should have started slower than I did). I did an out and back course along the Erie Canal and at the end of the second 5 miles I almost pulled the plug. I started back out, ran about a half mile and just stopped. Decided this was dumb, I was cold, and it was dark and gloomy and I wanted to be in my warm house. I then spent a couple minutes having an inner monologue about not being a quitter and at least getting the miles in and then ran/walked the remaining miles. As Western New Yorkers would say "It was Brutal!

So week 4 or 15 if counting backwards is done. Week 14 is happening now. I think it would be easier if the sun would actually show it's face for more than a few minutes here or there. But if it was easy everyone would do it. Isn't that the saying? My mom told me I was obsessed and I replied no, jut determined! So send me some good motivational vibes! I need them!!

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