Monday, December 5, 2016

I'm Back!

I haven't posted anything in over a year and so much has changed since I last posted in Feb of 2015. I took a lot of time off of running, most of 2015, to figure out my hamstring and back issues. I became a Healthy Running Coach.  I started a small business analyzing running gait. I moved to NY State. I signed up for and am currently training for my first marathon. I do post pictures and blurbs to my Instagram account, somanymiles. And I think it's time to start blogging again. 

So let me catch you up.

2015-my back, rather my SI joints kept my out of the running game for months. They would flare up, I would cross train, and as soon as I started running again my back would hurt. I really thought it was the end of my running career. I was contemplating taking up tennis, but I suck at tennis so I pushed on. By May, my back was better and I was able to start running regularly again, but my hamstring kept hurting. No matter what I did it would pull at the insertion with every step I took and it was miserable. I attributed it to my chronically tight hamstrings. So I stretched, a lot. I also linked this to my SI joints constantly going out and causing back spasms. (Hamstrings insert onto your ischium and since mine were tight it was pulling on one side of my pelvis and causing my pelvis to rotate.) But it wasn't because I have tight hamstrings, it's because my running form was awful (I just didn't know it yet). I somehow managed to get through 2015 with a few races here and there, nothing spectacular and I just resigned to be a part time runner, cross training on the elliptical to save my back from all the pounding and stress that goes along with running. 

Around the end of 2015 I decided that I wanted to get some additional certifications to increase my value as and Athletic Trainer. I worked as an Athletic Trainer doing physical rehabilitation for active duty military and as you can imagine most of them run! So when I came across Healthy Running and their course for continuing education and to become a Healthy Running Coach I jumped all over it. A HRC is different than a RRCA coach in that I don't write 18 week marathon training programs or couch to 5K programs. I look at you as a runner and determine how you can be more biomechanically sound, thus more efficient, less prone to injury, and dare I say faster. Running is so much more enjoyable when you do it with proper form. In early 2016 I attended a course and after reading a lot of research articles and studying a book called Anatomy for Runners, by Jay Dicharry, I took my exam, passed, and started using my knew knowledge of how to analyze running gait for my patients and I then I had an idea...why not start a side business and use this knowledge to help civilian runners be all they can be? So I did. In May, RUN*ology was formed. Everything was going great,  I had several clients, did a clinic for some RWB runners in Virginia Beach and then it happened. We were presented with a great opportunity, not just for my husbands career but for our family. We were moving back to NY state. 

July/August 2016-We sold our house, bought a house and moved to NY in two months. I am still kind of dizzy from it all, it happened so fast!! My kids adjusted quickly and I have to say this has been a blessing. It is great to be back near family. And the running is fabulous! So many trails and new places to run, I haven't gotten bored yet and it's hilly! I am a stronger runner because of those hills.  (I just miss my running buddies.) 

So the marathon. I have always wanted to do one, but never had the time to train properly nor was I able to wrap my head around running that much/far. Plus I didn't think my body would be able to handle all those miles. Well lets back track to my running course and all that I learned. My form was awful and I had no idea it was the culprit of my chronic hamstring/back pain. I was a terrible heal striker and I had no idea. I had gone through a gait assessment some years ago when I was battling ITB friction syndrome and thought I fixed the problem, but somewhere between then and earlier this year I resorted to being a heal striker with a very large forward step, way out in front where it shouldn't be. So I fixed my gait and "knock on wood" I have been injury free for almost a year!!! Yippie! 

I was so happy with my running that back in June I signed up for the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach this coming March. It was national running day and they were running a special so I went for it. I still remember clicking submit on my order and this feeling of excitement/nausea swept over me. At the time I had no idea we would be relocating to Rochester, NY. Or that I would be training through a Western NY winter. ***Think SNOW*** But here I am, three plus weeks in and so far so good. And this is why I decided I need to start chronicling my training. I'm currently not working, but would love to start my business up again. 

If you would like to follow my training check me out on Instagram at somanymiles and check back here or subscribe as  I plan on posting regularly, at least until the marathon is over.  

Wish me luck! 

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