Monday, February 2, 2015

January Recap

My new year is not off to a great start, well at least my running isn't off to a great start! I started the year setting some easy running goals. My purpose and hope was for a less stressful year of running. I want to focus on strength, flexibility, and increasing my speed for the 5k, while avoiding injury. Well on the 3rd of January I ran an 8k in the cold rain, didn't cool down or stretch, and then proceeded to drive 45 minutes home. When I got out of the car my left hamstring was tighter than a piano wire and painful too. So much for my goal of staying injury free in 2015. I made it a 3 days.

Over the month I actually did stop running, I did rehab, and it was fine last week. I ran a total of 13 miles consisting of a speed workout and a tempo run and a short easy run. I did my normal strength training and yoga with no problems. Then I met my friend for what was suppose to be an easy 6 miler and bam, holy hamstring. The only thing I can think that before I left to meet my friend, I ran a mile with my son and didn't take time to cool down or warm up before I got in the car. After a 30 minute ride, I jumped out of the car and started running. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.  I limped through the 6 miles only because we were on wooded trails and I had to go forward to get back to my car and did not have time for a 6 mile walk. So here I am after a not so restful sleep, sitting on ice, trying not to grimace as I hobble around. I can't see myself running anytime soon and I was hoping to get my 5k training into full gear this week.

Total January miles 44.5

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