Saturday, January 3, 2015

Looking Ahead to 2015

Happy New Year! I hope you had fun ringing in the New Year and have been able to reflect back and look ahead. As for me, I'm trying to set realistic running goals for 2015. I thought 2014's were realistic, but I didn't manage to actually complete any of them. I know I ended up with a way better year than I could have ever hoped for, but it still would have been nice to check my boxes. I am a little OCD in that regard!

So here goes nothing...

700 miles. I know I can do 700 miles. That's 58.33 miles a month, 13.46 miles per week. Easy.

PR the 5k and 8k. I PR'd the 5k in 2014, but I think I can do it again. I also know I can PR the 8k. It will happen.

Get back to OCR's! My muddy partner in crime is back in action and there will be at least one OCR this year, hopefully 2!

Stay injury free! This might be a hard one. I seem to be fragile, but not from running. I hurt my back doing things like coughing. It's ridiculous. I am adding in a lot of strength training and core training to hopefully thwart this!

Win my age group. I am aging up this year! I will be in the 40-44 age group. Watch out!

Have fun and not worry about numbers. Funny I say that as my first goal is to hit 700 this year and I am aging up. I need to remind myself at this stage in the game it's about longevity and enjoyment. Sure winning makes me happy, PRing makes me happy, but all the worry and anxiety that leads up to those moments doesn't make me happy. I plan on enjoying the run this year. One of the reasons why I am doing I'm Going to Run this Year 2015. I'm going to run it and not let it run me.

Good luck with all your  2015 running and life goals!

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