Saturday, January 31, 2015

To Run or Not to Run (a marathon)

As I was getting a pedicure, cringing as she filed my black toenail, I saw an article from a woman who doesn't want to run a marathon. Some people might think her reasoning unfair or even harsh, and maybe it was, but those are her reasons and she is entitled to her opinion. I'm not going to weigh in on her reasons and if you want to read the article you can find it here.  However, she did get me thinking about why I don't want to run a marathon. Here are my reasons....

1.  Time. I  simply don't have enough time to properly train for that distance. It takes hours upon hours to get the miles in that one needs to make it across the finish line in one piece. My schedule is already packed full and I don't see it getting any less booked in the near future. Plus, I am getting fragile in my oldish age and the last thing I want or need is to injury myself due to poor training! Or worse, be miserable during the race due to that poor training and DNF. A marathon is not a distance I can wing. I have run over 70 races and I have not DNF'd yet and I don't want poor training to be the reason if I ever do.

2. I'm too competitive (with myself) to want to just finish. I'm not taking anything away from anyone who has crossed that finish line, but I personally would not be happy with just finishing. It's not my style.

3. I get bored running more than  10 miles and doubt I have the mental focus to get through another 16.2. 

4. I want that black toenail to grow back normally. My feet are already aesthetically impaired, I need my toenails to be normal. 

5. I don't need to run a marathon to validate myself as a runner.  I have run over 70 races and have done alright, but I always get that look from people when I say I have never run a marathon. The look means different things from different people,  but mostly I take it as "well you must not be a real runner". Which is just ridiculous. I just meet a guy who runs 35 miles a week at a 7 minute mile and has never ran a race. Just because he doesn't race doesn't mean he isn't a runner. Bottom line, if you run you are a runner. It doesn't matter what distances you cover, what pace you run, or even if you race.

So what do you think? Do people need to run to races or more specifically a marathon to be considered a serious runner or even a runner?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Looking Ahead to 2015

Happy New Year! I hope you had fun ringing in the New Year and have been able to reflect back and look ahead. As for me, I'm trying to set realistic running goals for 2015. I thought 2014's were realistic, but I didn't manage to actually complete any of them. I know I ended up with a way better year than I could have ever hoped for, but it still would have been nice to check my boxes. I am a little OCD in that regard!

So here goes nothing...

700 miles. I know I can do 700 miles. That's 58.33 miles a month, 13.46 miles per week. Easy.

PR the 5k and 8k. I PR'd the 5k in 2014, but I think I can do it again. I also know I can PR the 8k. It will happen.

Get back to OCR's! My muddy partner in crime is back in action and there will be at least one OCR this year, hopefully 2!

Stay injury free! This might be a hard one. I seem to be fragile, but not from running. I hurt my back doing things like coughing. It's ridiculous. I am adding in a lot of strength training and core training to hopefully thwart this!

Win my age group. I am aging up this year! I will be in the 40-44 age group. Watch out!

Have fun and not worry about numbers. Funny I say that as my first goal is to hit 700 this year and I am aging up. I need to remind myself at this stage in the game it's about longevity and enjoyment. Sure winning makes me happy, PRing makes me happy, but all the worry and anxiety that leads up to those moments doesn't make me happy. I plan on enjoying the run this year. One of the reasons why I am doing I'm Going to Run this Year 2015. I'm going to run it and not let it run me.

Good luck with all your  2015 running and life goals!

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in Review

2014 in Review

It's that time of year again, time to sum up 2014 and look ahead to 2015. 2014 was an amazing year for me in running and life in general. I took a break from blogging to focus more being in the present, which was great and needed, but I also missed out on blogging about a lot of great experiences. I ran 10 races, beat some elites, 2 half marathons, PR'd in the 5k, and ran in 2 out of town races.

Since I hardly blogged this year let me give you a summary of how my year ended up:

14 in 2014. I only ran 10 races, which means I didn't hit my goal of 14 in 2014, but that is ok. I was only vaguely committed to that goal. It was a stretch to begin with. I kind of made a deal with my husband that if I did 2 out of town races, I would cut back on the overall number of races I'd complete. It would have also been a stretch trying to juggle my kids schedule with my running schedule.

Sub 1:50 Half Marathon. I didn't achieve my sub 1:50 half either. I guess I could have picked an easier race to try and do this than the Diva Half in Peach Tree City, GA, but I like a challenge. What I don't like is humidity and hills. I know some people would say that this was not a hilly course, but when you live in a place where a curb counts as hill work, well then, it was hilly and hot and humid. I was disappointed with my performance. I thought I trained hard and did do some hill work when I could. I even ran in the heat of the day to prepare myself, but I think the overall conditions, plus traveling got me. I did however spend a fun weekend in Atlanta. I finally got to meet a lot of MRTT mommas as this was the first official MRTT National Race. It was a great weekend even without my PR.

800 Miles. Nope, didn't get this one either, lol. I did run about 678 miles. I say about because even with a Garmin and RPF calendar I am horrible about logging all my miles. I sometimes run naked or on the treadmill and forget to log the miles when I get home. I'm sure I probably hit 700, but I will never know for sure. I also probably missed getting those extra 100 miles because I hurt my back, not once, not twice, but 3 times this year. Each time taking at least a week off from running. Luckily, I have a good chiropractor. I also took most of May off to give my legs a break and do some cross training. The same in September.

So ya, didn't hit any of my written goals, but what I did do was so much better than that! Starting with this.....

Other than getting married and having my kids this was the most amazing experience of my life! You can read all about it here, here, here, and here. And watch my video here:

(I may or may not still tear up watching this!)
Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. Somehow I made it through the lottery and was able to check the very popular Cherry Blossom 10 Miler off my bucket list. My friend and I headed up to DC for the weekend in early April. Unfortunately, the cold temps meant no cherry blossoms. We did see some of the National Mall and have great Chinese food in China Town. My husband and kids also made the trek and got to see some old friends.

The Diva Half Marathon, Peachtree City, GA and MRTT Meetup. This was suppose to be my PR race. I was so so wrong. However, I did have an very cool fun weekend traveling to GA. I got to see my cousin and his family, who I hadn't seen in 10 years. It was my first trip to Atlanta and got to do it as a girls weekend. Plus, I can now check GA off my states I've run list.

I PR'd the 5k! I ran a 23:45 at the Stingray 5k. This is my church and school's 5k we do each year. A nice little out and back course at the beach.

I started Cross Training (again)! I started (and mostly) completed the He and She Sweats 12 week Run Builder. I say mostly finished because I hurt my back at week 10 and then had to post pone weeks 11 and 12 due to a race and then the holidays. I definitely am stronger and more defined than before the program. I could feel the strength during the Harbor Lights 5k and Half weekend. I hardly put any miles in leading up to the races, but felt strong in both, even the half. And bonus, no DOMS the next day!

Overall 2014 was a great running year for me even without hitting all my goals. So many unexpected and amazing experiences popped up along the way it made missing my actual goals seem like no big deal. Sometimes sitting back and enjoying the ride is so much more fun than checking boxes.