Thursday, June 12, 2014

Elite for a Day, Part 3

Shamrock 8k
Elite for a Day
Part 3

Rise and Shine.
It's race day.
All I could hear was that alarm clock from Rise and Shine and the mans voice welcoming me to the grind. Finally. It's finally race day.
This is another moment that is a must share....My boys were with my in-laws and all I had to do was get food in my mouth and give myself one more chance to set the tone for the day. I couldn't think of a better way to do that than to pray St. Patricks Breastplate. As I sat alone in my kitchen I recited the prayer. It brought tears to my eyes and I knew that I was ready for whatever the day would bring. As soon as I made the sign of the cross my doorbell rang. It was only 5:50 am. I thought is was my friend and neighbor Julie to wish me luck. I wasn't wrong, but I wasn't right either...
I have the bestest friends ever! They had my yard Shamrocked!  I had no idea they were planning this. I thought I was set for the day, but then this happened and I was totally blown away. I had to win! I couldn't let them down!! I have to thank Meagan, Julie, Cathy, Helen, and Randi for doing this! I appreciated your support more than you will ever know!

Julie also came with this winner! It made me laugh and lightened the mood!

Love this!
Now here is where it starts to get to the race!
We arrived at the oceanfront well before race time. Did I mention I have the best husband and kids in the world too? Mike made big heads for the boys to cheer me on with! It is really funny to see yourself bobbing around!

 I meet up with the J&A folks. They are the nicest group of people. Although pre-race is extremely busy for the Jerry and Amy Frostick, they took time to meet me and wish me luck.

Jerry wishing me good luck.

I still remember what he said to me  and it felt like icing on the cake. "Courtney, you are good enough of a runner to win this. Just run it..." I have no idea what else he said. I just kept hearing "you are good enough a runner to win this." Coming from Jerry this is very flattering and believable!
There was also time to get interviewed. The videographer was really nice. After the interview he took footage of me warming up. It was really weird being watched and trying to act normal. I don't know how reality TV people do it.

I have no idea why I am standing at parade rest. I think to keep my hands from flying around, like this!

Just me. Hanging in the starting corral. Awkward. I don't think most people knew what was going on. The elites were still no where to be found.
Of course I have a million pictures. I will try not to share theme all, but most of them speak more clearly than I write, so here are a few more pre-race photo's.


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