Friday, January 17, 2014

Mud in Your Eye 2014, Race #1

MIYE #1, 5k
Bells Mills Cross Country Course
If memory serves me correctly, the last time I ran this race it was cold, the ground was frozen, we started at the top of a hill which we ran down. Other than that it was a pretty flat course.
I know I am getting older and my memory might not be what it once was, but man, I was not expecting that course. It was hard.  It was a wet, soggy, muddy mess and I believe by the end, I was just as muddy as some of the mud runs I have done. I slipped with every step.  I swear, not only did we start the race going downhill last time; there were more muddy hills to run up this time. (I am probably making the last part up. I am sure the topography didn’t change, but the start did. True story.)
Thankfully, it was at least warm, almost 70* by race time. It was overcast and the rain had subsided. But that didn't help the fact that course conditions had me huffing and puffing, like I was sprinting. In reality, I ended up pacing an 8:33 mile, for a 26:29 finish time.
2nd out of 14 in 35-39 age group
5th out of 58 female finishers
38th out of 140 racers overall
Team place ???

I didn’t beat my time from 3 years ago.  I guess that is ok. :/ The course conditions were way different. Mud = slow. I am about 40 seconds behind my friend for first place in our age group and the woman behind me is only 25 seconds back.

Tomorrow is race #2, a 6k at Mt. Trashmore. It is truly a hilly course. I just hope that it isn’t muddy. Right now it’s suppose to be 36* but clear at race time.  Wish me luck!

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