Friday, December 6, 2013

2013 Goals in Review

Back in January I set some fitness related and personal goals for 2013. Here's how I did...

1.       Run at least 13 races. Accomplished! I will actually be running my 15th race tomorrow (10 live races, 4 virtuals).
2.      Learn to NOT START TOO FAST!! This one kills me ever.single.time. I start races way too  fast, even when I know I started too fast and slow down. I never slow enough. It cost me a sub 1:50 half last year and I won't let it stop me from getting that this year. I am still working on this one. It cost me a PR at the Flying Pirate and a couple of better placings at some 5k's. MUST.CONQUER.THIS.IN.2014!!!!
3.      PR and break a 1:50 half marathon (see above). Nope, see #2. :/
4.      PR and break a 40 minutes 8k. I haven't raced an 8k in a couple of years. This March, watch out Shamrock 8kers, I am finally going to go sub 40 minutes! Accomplished!! 39:10 at The Shamrock 8k. This race I actually tried to pace myself out of the gate and feel I went too slow and could have broken 38 minutes.
5.      Complete Tough Mudder and finally mark this off my to do list! EPIC FAIL!!! TM you are dead to me! If you missed it read about it here.
6.      Not get injured or sick. (This is already a fail, you can read about that in Trail Running Gone Wrong.) Other than falling flat on my face trail running and getting sick over Christmas break, I have been pretty (knock on wood) healthy this year. I did start seeing a chiropractor, which I think has helped my overall well being, but not my overall financial health. #beinghealthyisexpensive
7.      Win my age group in all the small local races I run. (Notice, I didn't say the large races.) They say you peak in you late 30's, well I am in my late 30's. This age group is tough and gets tougher at every race. So not only do I need to PR and be happy with my PR, because according to science it's all down hill from here, I need to win. To me this is my Olympics, the competition is that good! (Side note: I know this must sound arrogant, but if you don't dream big, then you are limiting yourself!) I did win my age group at the Stingray 5k. I came in second at the Equikids 5k, and second at the Untamed Spirit 5k. And I have yet to place at the Military Challenge OCR. We won the team division, but I can't break into the top three. Next year for sure!
8.     Incorporate, really incorporate on a regular basis stretching and movement prep to my training plan. This will help tremendously with #6, the injured part not the sick part. Accomplished!!! It is just part of my routine now. You can read about movement prep here.
9.      800 miles. That is just over 15 miles per week. I know to some people this is chump change, but for me it will probably be one of the harder challenges on this list.  I am not sure exactly how many miles I ran. After my disappointment at The FP in April, I decided to stop tracking mileage and pace for a while. January through April I ran 261 miles. I know I ran at least 16 miles in May and 23 in June. (I know I ran more that that, I just have no idea what. I would guess I averaged 40-50 miles each month.) July through Nov 30th I logged 390. With August being the most at 99 miles. That brings me to 690 miles and I still have December. (If I add 50 miles for May and June, I would need to run about 50 miles in December to meet my goal. I just might do that!)
10.  Run a relay. I have my eye on The Colonial 200, here in Virginia.  I had the most amazing experience doing this race!!! My recap doesn't give it justice, but please read it anyway here. 
11.   Continue to pursue clean eating, menu planning, and hopefully get a vegetable garden put in in February to help with this. We are still on the clean eating band wagon. My menu planning has fallen off though. I still plan at least 1-2 weeks at a time, just haven't been inspired to do a full month of planning lately. Still no vegetable garden. This year it IS going in. We have some other landscaping happening after the new year and it is part of that plan.
12.  To not let training, blogging, Facebooking, and other time suckers like Pinterest interfere with my family. My boys are getting big and I don't want to miss this precious time I have with them.  I stepped down as chapter leader of MRTT, which has freed up a lot of my time. Time that I used to spend on the computer managing club stuff, has been filled with family things. I don't blog as much or spend nearly as much time on the computer as I once did. Life still gets in the way of spending quality time with my boys, but we did have time to make a lot of fun memories this year. I plan on continuing with this goal or lifestyle change for many years to come!
2013 is wrapping up. I am so glad I made this list and was able to reflect back on it. I hope to have time to reflect about 2013 as a whole and from there set some goals for 2014. Hope you all had a fabulous year! I look forward to reading about it and your goals for 2014.


  1. Thanks for linking up! I'll be running the Shamrock full -- can't wait!

    1. It's such a great race! I'll be down there cheering you on :)

  2. Good for you, sounds like you met or exceeded quite a few of those goals. *big pat on the back*

    1. Thanks! I need to carry over a few to next year though. :)

  3. You did so great! I love the 800 miles thing. I might start putting my miles back into daily miles and see if I can hit that for 2014. That would be fun!

  4. Awesome review of a great year! I love #12!! That should be a goal for all of us :)