Thursday, November 7, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Celebration!

Just warning you that this is not a running post, but it does have Ninja Turtles!
Today is my son's 4th birthday! Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest most awesome people to have ever touched my life! We celebrated last weekend with his buddies by throwing him a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party at our house. I think it went over well and all the kids had a great time. (At least I hope they did!) Here is a little recap of the festivities. I had some help from TMNT experts to make this as authentic as possible, as I still don't know which turtle is which!
My plan was to turn the kids into TMNT and let them fight the bad guys. Here is how we did it...
First we made toxic slime.
Then they were magically transformed into ninja turtles. They each got masks, belts, a turtle shell made out of TMNT plates they were selling at Target, and of course weapons.
 It's amazing what you can make out of duck tape!
nunchaku, bo, sai, and katana
Once they were transformed they had to defeat the field of bad guys. This was a big hit. I wish I wouldn't have accidentally let a handful of balloons fly off as I was tying them to rocks! Oops!
When they got past the bad guys, they got to work on the piñata! Too bad Patrick opened it on the first pull. :/ Instead of letting it go there, I let each of the kids take turns beating the piñata with their ninja weapons. They were loving it!
After they tired themselves out we served what else, but pizza and sewer sludge! YUM!
sewer sludge

What party wouldn't be complete without cake and ice cream? A friend of a friend made this awesome cake for us. It was almost to good to eat, almost.
I really hope my little man and all his friends had a great time. As much work as it was to get this together it was so worth it to see smiles on all their faces.
Happy Birthday Patrick!! You are the best TMNT I know :) Love you!

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