Saturday, September 7, 2013

RnR Race Crew!

Sunday was the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach. It was a gloriously hot and humid morning. Exactly what you would expect for Labor Day weekend in VA. No, I wasn't running. I was handing out water!

Volunteering at a race is a lot of fun. You get all the race excitement and none of the race sweat or chaffing or ITB pain. It was great!

 My MRTT group was paired up with a group of USN Chief selectees at the mile 5 water stop. Congrats selectees! We were there early, like 0500 early to set up tables, line and fill garbage cans with water, and of course fill countless cups with, you guest it, WATER! 

Unloading the UPS truck at zero dark thirty. That really is a time, I'm not making it up!

A little after 7:00 the wheel chair participants came through. Then came the elites and Team Hoyt participants, each inspirational in their own way.
Then it happened. BAM! Now VB is pretty flat, but there is a very slight downhill on this stretch of road coming from the oceanfront. All you could see for at least a good hour was a sea of people coming at you and all you wanted to do was hand everyone a glass of water and shout inspirational things at them! The best I could come up with was "great job" and "you're almost halfway there!" I know, I know,  I should book speaking engagements now.  I think people appreciated it. I hope they did. I know I don't always say thank you to volunteers. That is mainly because I am out of breath and can't, but I am thinking it! I did see some MRTT ladies kicking that courses butt and some colleagues and friends out running that I didn't even know were signed up. I was starring down the crowd trying to recognize people! Some of my friends got an extra cup of water on the house. Shh, don't tell the RnR people!
Congrats to everyone that ran! If you haven't volunteered at a race you should do it sometime. Regardless, if it's a big or small event you will have a great time and won't regret it at all!

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