Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Legs, My Legs!!

The course map for the Colonial 200
 is finally finalized!

Here is my breakdown....

I am assigned to van 2 which will run legs 7-12, 19-24, and 31-36. Which means I probably won't start running until around noon on Friday, depending on how the 7 people before me do.

Here are my legs...

#8 Preddy's Creek Baptist Church to St. John's Baptist Church, Barboursville, VA
  • 5.76 miles
  • 456 ft of elevation gain (I have no idea what that means)
  • Rated HARD-oh that is what that means
  • estimated start time 11:58 Friday
#20 South Anna Elementary School to Farrington Fire Co., Montpelier, VA
  • 4.91 miles
  • 121.39 ft elevation gain
  • medium difficulty
  • estimated start time11:30 pm Friday
#32 Harrison Lake Fish Hatchery to Charles City Courthouse, Charles City
  • 8.12 Miles
  • 101.71 ft elevation gain
  • Not sure of the difficulty. I am going to say medium to hard, as it the last leg for me and it's pretty long.
  • estimated start time 11:42 am Saturday

My excitement is starting to turn to anxiety! I hope I have trained enough. Last week was a waste. Between my son being sick and then me being sick, I missed a whole week of training. I still have roughly two weeks to go and I think I can get back on track with some quality training. Wish me luck!

For more info on The Colonial 200 Relay and these legs click HERE.

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