Monday, August 26, 2013

Less Than 4 Weeks to Go!

As I write this, I have officially less than 4 weeks to the The Colonial 200 Relay! For the past 3 weeks I have been upping my mileage and adding in hill work, even running 3 times in a two day period to simulate race weekend. Here is quick breakdown. (I am not a 'computer person', so no fancy graphs or cool graphics...)

Week 1
Mon:4 miles of treadmill hills
Tues: Rest
Wed: 4 miles moderate pace
Thurs: Core
Fri: 3 easy
Sat:7 mile long run
Total: 18 miles for the week. I was coming off a rest week and what I think was an impinged hip bursa from doing stupid Crossfit squats so that my butt hits my heels, but that is another post all together.

Week 2
Mon: 3.5 miles of treadmill hills
Tues: Rest
Wed: 4.5 moderate pace
Thurs: Core
Fri:4 miles easy
Sat: 5 miles in the a.m./5miles in the p.m.
Total: 22 total miles for the week. More mileage this week, but I felt pretty good. I think the Tuesday rest day and easy core workout on Thursday helped me rest up for a jump in mileage.

Week 3
Mon: 4 miles of treadmill hills
Tues: Strength Train
Wed: 3.5 moderate pace
Thurs: Strength Train
Fri: 5 miles easy
Sat: 8 mile long run
Total: 20.5 miles for the week. I finally added back in some strength training and I paid for it in my Friday and Saturday runs. I was very tired. Remind me not to do box jumps the day before I am suppose to run for the next two days.

I need to thank my running partner in crime, Randi for running with me  at 9 p.m. last Saturday night in a rain storm! We headed out to do 4 and of course with my awesome mapping skills we ended up doing 5. :-/ Sorry Randi!!  I also need to thank my obstacle course racing buddy and just my awesome friend Meagan for watching my boys this morning so I could run 8 miles. Thank you both!

So here I am 4 weeks out from an amazing adventure and I still don't know what legs of the race I will be running, the course hasn't been finalized. I don't think it matters too much though, as long as I keep up with my pseudo treadmill hills and keep upping my mileage, I should be fine.  

What I do have, is my hotel room booked and my roomie, Sue. I have my shirt order in. I have a case of baby wipes, headlamps, and just got new running shoes. There are some other loose ends that will hopefully get tied up at our team meeting later this week. Next weekend I have another split run planned. This time 6 in the a.m. and 5 at night. I think I might lay off the "hills" this week, my calves are so knotted up! And will definitely skip the box jumps! 

There you have it, my training in a nutshell. Wish me luck that these next 4 weeks go smoothly!

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  1. Sounds like fun! Cannot wait to hear about it!