Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall 5 and 10

This fall I will be completing The Fall 5 and 10 Virtual Race series from Mommy Run Fast. The contest runs from September and goes until December. You have until the 5th of each month to complete either 5 or 10 miles. Simple. Registration is still open, so if you are interested click HERE and you can check it out for yourself. Best thing, it's free! And there are some pretty cool prizes! Oh wait, umm, don't click HERE and don't sign up, so I have a better chance at winning!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Less Than 4 Weeks to Go!

As I write this, I have officially less than 4 weeks to the The Colonial 200 Relay! For the past 3 weeks I have been upping my mileage and adding in hill work, even running 3 times in a two day period to simulate race weekend. Here is quick breakdown. (I am not a 'computer person', so no fancy graphs or cool graphics...)

Week 1
Mon:4 miles of treadmill hills
Tues: Rest
Wed: 4 miles moderate pace
Thurs: Core
Fri: 3 easy
Sat:7 mile long run
Total: 18 miles for the week. I was coming off a rest week and what I think was an impinged hip bursa from doing stupid Crossfit squats so that my butt hits my heels, but that is another post all together.

Week 2
Mon: 3.5 miles of treadmill hills
Tues: Rest
Wed: 4.5 moderate pace
Thurs: Core
Fri:4 miles easy
Sat: 5 miles in the a.m./5miles in the p.m.
Total: 22 total miles for the week. More mileage this week, but I felt pretty good. I think the Tuesday rest day and easy core workout on Thursday helped me rest up for a jump in mileage.

Week 3
Mon: 4 miles of treadmill hills
Tues: Strength Train
Wed: 3.5 moderate pace
Thurs: Strength Train
Fri: 5 miles easy
Sat: 8 mile long run
Total: 20.5 miles for the week. I finally added back in some strength training and I paid for it in my Friday and Saturday runs. I was very tired. Remind me not to do box jumps the day before I am suppose to run for the next two days.

I need to thank my running partner in crime, Randi for running with me  at 9 p.m. last Saturday night in a rain storm! We headed out to do 4 and of course with my awesome mapping skills we ended up doing 5. :-/ Sorry Randi!!  I also need to thank my obstacle course racing buddy and just my awesome friend Meagan for watching my boys this morning so I could run 8 miles. Thank you both!

So here I am 4 weeks out from an amazing adventure and I still don't know what legs of the race I will be running, the course hasn't been finalized. I don't think it matters too much though, as long as I keep up with my pseudo treadmill hills and keep upping my mileage, I should be fine.  

What I do have, is my hotel room booked and my roomie, Sue. I have my shirt order in. I have a case of baby wipes, headlamps, and just got new running shoes. There are some other loose ends that will hopefully get tied up at our team meeting later this week. Next weekend I have another split run planned. This time 6 in the a.m. and 5 at night. I think I might lay off the "hills" this week, my calves are so knotted up! And will definitely skip the box jumps! 

There you have it, my training in a nutshell. Wish me luck that these next 4 weeks go smoothly!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Must be nice to be young!

Yesterday I came across this blogger, This Fish Can Run. He had a great post: "Pose Running- Does Pose Running work or is it great coaching?"  I personally think its about coaching correct running form. Whether you choose Chi or Pose or what have you. It's about correcting biomechanical flaws that slow you down,  tire you out, and put you at risk for injury.

Last year when I was dealing with my ITB friction syndrome my PT friend Dave, helped me overcome some treadmill related/created heal striking I developed doing speed work.  He would be the first to tell you that he is not a running coach or a running form coach, but he understands the way the body should move. Since we ruled out every other possible treatment besides ITB window surgery, we went to my form, which sucked. There really is no nice way to say it. It was horrible and I had no idea! So long story short, we worked on correcting my heel strike, my leaning back, and getting my cadence up to speed. Three things that both, Chi Running and Pose Running have in common. (Now I am not an expert in either, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night! For real though, not only did I did read half of Chi Running-which makes me an expert right there, I do have a degree in kinesiology and sports medicine. So it makes complete sense to me why I was having such a hard time over coming my knee pain.
Before and afters of my running transformation. See how my foot lands under me in the second picture and how my knee is actually bent? It was seriously an epiphany, lol!
Back to Fish. Why is Fish's post important and why the heck is it nice to be young? !?! Well, I am in the mist of my training for The Colonial 200 and I find myself slogging through my runs. My calves are a big ball of knots thanks to hill work on the treadmill and my pace is abhorrently slow. I was out this morning and by mile 2 I was slowing down and could feel my body leaning back and lumbering side to side with each step. Then a light bulb came on! Turn your metronome on. So I did. I set it to 170 bpm.  Which is what Dave and I decided was my natural cadence and close enough to 180 bpm. Just that simple queue of ding, ding, ding, DING, ding, ding, ding, DONG Ding. Was enough to get my feet moving faster and with much less effort. I could feel myself leaning into the run, instead of against it. When I looked down at my Garmin I was running much faster than I was 2 miles ago. It is amazing what a little tweaking to your running form can do! And here is the kicker, I was running though a golf course/retirement community and this cute older lady walking towards me puts her hand up to her mouth, smiles, and shouts at me "Must be nice to be young!" I don't know about young,  but it is nice to feel alive!

Photo: I thought about the days I had handed over to a bottle... the nights I can't remember... the mornings I slept thru... all the time spent running from myself. 

– Mitch Albom (For One More Day) | 'U' in the RUN

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Peachtree City Diva

Diva's Half Marathon

On September 6th, 2014 I will be running the Diva Half Marathon in Peachtree City, GA. I know, I said I was done with half marathons and that all female races, with tutu's and pink boa's isn't really my thing, but and this is a big but, it is the first Moms RUN This Town national meet-up/convention, what ever you want to call it, and I am going to be there. I know I gave up my status as MRTT chapter leader, but I am still super excited to finally meet some of these women who, over the past 3 years I have chatted with on Facebook about all things running. It is going to be so great to finally put a face with a name. (A face other than a profile pic and a full fb name!)

I am heading down there with my other half marathon momma's Cathy, Helen and of course Randi! You probably recognize Helen and Cathy from their days as J&A 's calendar girls.

Cathy Funk

And Randi, she is women who has dragged me through countless miles training for our last two half marathons!

We are all very excited and hopefully I can convince my OCR partner to get her Diva on and come join us! 
Pink Boa's or Bust in 2014!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Leaving My Comfort Zone

The Colonial 200 Relay is just over 7 weeks away and this week marks my first real week of training. Last week was more of a recovery week from my big team win at the Military Challenge OCR.

So what is different about training for a relay vs. a standard race? Well, for me it's about getting out of my comfort zone by adding hill work and running more than 3 times per week! I actually will be running not only back to back days, but every other week running 3 times in a two day period. As much as I love to run, I don't love to run a lot. I stick to the 3 quality runs a week program and for the most part it works for me. This way I get physical and mental rest days, but for the next 7 weeks I will be running 4 days per week and sometimes twice on Saturday. My outline is posted here.

Since I live in the flattest city on earth and I consider a curb hill work (I'm not exaggerating), I will be utilizing the treadmill for this. I am still trying to figure out what elevation gain is and if my Garmin monitors it! On Monday I had my first go at this so called hill work. Did you know that the grade goes above 1%? Me either. Mine went all the way to 7%! A very speedy marathoner friend of mine gave me this workout to do:
90 seconds @ 6% grade @ marathon pace
1 minute recovery at flat jog
1 minute @ 7% grade @ marathon pace
2 minute recovery at flat jog
repeat 6-10 reps
I made it through 5 times with a warm-up and cool down run for 4 miles even. I would have done another set, but I had to get going to a chiropractor appointment. No, I didn't shower. Yes, I at least changed my clothes. Yes, my hair was still sweaty. I know, gross.

On Wednesday I did a 4 mile moderate pace run. It wasn't really a tempo run, just 4 miles in the heat of the day. Tomorrow I have an easy 3 planned and then Saturday will be my long run. I was thinking 8. Next week I will split my long run into a.m. and p.m. runs to start mimicking what race weekend will be like.

I still haven't gotten my legs assigned, the course isn't finalized yet. I did get the update on our team's was Show Me Your Hands, but has been changed to The Lawless and the Bra-less. Not sure who will be bra-less, but it won't be me.  I am running with a bunch of police officers so I will just roll with it. I wonder if they will let me barrow one of their tasers for my night leg?