Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Holter Monitor Results

In an effort to figure out why I have been experiencing the tightness in my chest and sometimes fluttering feeling I get while running,  I got to wear this for 48 hours.

Holter Monitor
It wasn't that bad. There were 5 leads that attached to my chest with a very strong adhesive! I was warned to not get it wet, but to carry on with my normal routine. Well, my normal routine included a 4 mile run in a somewhat warm gym. I was drenched by the end, but the electrodes didn't come off. In fact, when I finally got to take them off they hurt! It was like a band aid applied with super glue! I can't imagine if I was a guy with a little hair on my chest! Oh, and yes, I did shower! I just had to be a little creative. ;-)
So what did test show? NOTHING! Besides a very low heart rate when I am sleeping, absolutely nothing. I am relieved, but I swear I am not making this up. I guess I am either a neurotic hypochondriac  or maybe just getting old and can't push myself like I used to? Either way, I am glad that there is nothing serious wrong and I can continue to run and lead an active lifestyle. I have to follow up with my doctor for my annual physical and I guess we will talk more about it then, but for now I am free to carry on as normal which means I need to get my butt in gear for my upcoming races...The Military Challenge OCR and The Colonial 200 Relay! So excited about both of them!!

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