Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day!

It's Reveal Day!
I want to thank my Foodie Pen Pal, Ashley for sending me this box full of goodies! I love Trader Joe's and she filled my box with couple of items I have been wanting to try, but wasn't willing to purchase, plus some of our old TJ standby's.
Some TJ's Fav's...

These lasted a whole 30 seconds.
I am kind of on the fence with these. I have tried them once in the past and remember them just being ok. I couldn't get the boys to eat them. Maybe this time will be different? (If I smoother them in ranch? jk!) They are a good alternative to chips.

Seaweed Snacks. Now this I have been wanting to try for a while, but haven't been able to bring myself to buy them in fear they would be gross. Well you know what? They are kind of gross. Sorry Ashley! I and thankful that I was able to try them though! She mentioned that seaweed is the in thing in NYC, where she lives. I guess this southern transplant isn't NYC cool ;) I do love sushi, but seaweed alone is not for me. Maybe in a dip? Have you tried these? Is there something I can pair them with that will make them yummy?  
These little numbers are some of my pen pals fav's she used to get in Canada where she is originally from. Honey sticks and a drink mix,  both very good. The honey sticks have lemon zest and are great alone, but I put them in my iced tea and they added a nice sweet lemony flavor. I actually mixed half iced tea and half of the drink mix together for a mango tea that was really good.
inside the drink mix, actual fruit
And last, but not least....a cupcake pop from NYC. It was so freaking good!!! What cute way to present and serve cupcakes! Only in NYC, although I am sure the rest of the country will catch on soon, if they haven't already.  ;)
Thanks Ashley! Your first run at Foodie Pen Pals was a success! Btw, can you send me more of these?!?!? :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Good News/Bad News

Good MRTT team won the women's division of the Military Challenge! 2nd year in.a.row! 

Bad news...I now have a hip flexor strain. Yeah me. 

Good news...I can actually lift my foot off the gas to transfer it to the break. I couldn't do that yesterday. :-(

Bad news...This is really going to mess with my training for The Colonial 200.

Good news...I'm trying to be smart and not push it. I rested and did a electrical stimulation treatment with some ice today. 

Bad news...I don't have a race recap yet.

Good news...I'm working on it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Holter Monitor Results

In an effort to figure out why I have been experiencing the tightness in my chest and sometimes fluttering feeling I get while running,  I got to wear this for 48 hours.

Holter Monitor
It wasn't that bad. There were 5 leads that attached to my chest with a very strong adhesive! I was warned to not get it wet, but to carry on with my normal routine. Well, my normal routine included a 4 mile run in a somewhat warm gym. I was drenched by the end, but the electrodes didn't come off. In fact, when I finally got to take them off they hurt! It was like a band aid applied with super glue! I can't imagine if I was a guy with a little hair on my chest! Oh, and yes, I did shower! I just had to be a little creative. ;-)
So what did test show? NOTHING! Besides a very low heart rate when I am sleeping, absolutely nothing. I am relieved, but I swear I am not making this up. I guess I am either a neurotic hypochondriac  or maybe just getting old and can't push myself like I used to? Either way, I am glad that there is nothing serious wrong and I can continue to run and lead an active lifestyle. I have to follow up with my doctor for my annual physical and I guess we will talk more about it then, but for now I am free to carry on as normal which means I need to get my butt in gear for my upcoming races...The Military Challenge OCR and The Colonial 200 Relay! So excited about both of them!!

I need to get my arse in gear!!!!

The Colonial 200 is only 8 weeks away and I haven't really started to train properly for it. Well that all changes next week. On Saturday I am running The Military Challenge OCR and after that it's go time!

I've been checking out some training plans online and it seems I not only need to increase mileage, but also frequency. I usually run 3 times per week, speed work, tempo and a long run, with at least a day in between for cross training.  I need to add a day of running and then alternate my long run with running twice in one day. So a two week cycle will look like this:

Week 1
Monday-run hills (treadmill hills)
Tuesday-strength train
Thursday-strength train
Friday-easy run
Saturday-long run

Week 2
Monday-run hills (treadmill hills)
Tuesday-strength train
Thursday-strength train
Friday-easy run
Saturday-run in a.m./run in p.m.

I adapted this from a Ragner plan and from an online article from Runners World. I think RW had you maxing out at 14 miles. I can tell you right now that isn't going to happen, lol. I was thinking more like 10-12. I plan on enjoying this run, not trying to win gold. 

They did have some good advice on pacing and what to expect for the weekend. I am so looking forward to this experience I can't put it into words! Wish me luck so I will stay on track with my training! 

Anyone have any advice for me either on training or what to expect or essentials to pack?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Time for another go at Foodie Penpals!

blogbadgeSTAMP Foodie PenpalsLast October I participated in Foodie Pen Pals from the blog The Lean Green Bean. I got paired up to send food to a woman in Philly, who blogs about photography and received food from a woman who blogged about her pets. (You can read about it here.) Two things I know little about, but I do know that the three of us are foodies and that is all we needed in common for this project. I received a Trader Joe's package and have been shopping there pretty regularly ever since,  starting my boys obsession with Power Berries and my obsession with  their taco seasoning.

Now that I have more free time (ha! ya right!) that I am no longer involved with MRTT as a chapter leader, I thought it would be a good time to try this again. I really had a blast doing it last year and am eager to do it again!

So how does this work? I will be paired up with someone to send $15 of food to and will receive from a different person. We contact our person and find out if they have any dietary preferences or restrictions and have until the 15th to send the package out. My goal is to surprise my pen pal with some unique culinary delights! 

Interested in joining in on the fun? Check out The Lean Green Bean's Blog!

Check back later this month to see what goodies I get (and give)!