Sunday, June 2, 2013

Race recap #2.....The Equi-Kids Cross Country 5K

My good friend Meagan (who was also at the Stingray and who will be holding my hand next week at Tough Mudder) signed me up for this race that took place on the beautiful grounds of Equi-Kids Therapeutic Riding Complex. Thanks Meagan!

The weather for this race was perfect! Amazing what a week can do to a weather forecast. The boys were loving the horses!

There was a really cute half mile kids run that Meagan's daughter did. Too cute! My older son was going to do it, but it sold out before we could get him a spot. Next year!

Go Kayleigh!
I felt good that day and after eying up the crowd, I thought I might have a chance at placing in my age group. I didn't realize until after the race that the a.g. was 30-39! A bit more competition. Since running the Flying Pirate Half and then the Stingray I have been feeling or not feeling a love of running like I used to. It has become a chore. So, to help renew my love of running I decided to ditch my Garmin and just run. Run based on how I feel, not what pace I think I should be hitting and then beat myself up when I don't hit it. So, I left my watch behind and ran. 
Photo: WHAT A GREAT DAY! Thank you to all who made our 11th Annual 5k Cross Country Run, 1 Mile Run with the Hounds, and 1/2 Mile Pony Run for the Kids such a success!   Check out this pic taken by WVEC's Vanessa Coria, our race emcee!
I tried to settle into my pace early so I wouldn't poop out like I did the week before, but by the time I hit mile 1 I couldn't breathe again. What the heck! I am not out of shape and I wasn't sprinting. I decided to just enjoy the scenery and run as fast as my body would let me, which was almost a minute slower per mile than the week before. :( As a runner you know that this didn't sit well with me. Not that I am mad or even disappointed, but I was wondering what was going on with me? Over the winter I had several occasions while running our long runs that my chest tightened and I had trouble breathing to the point where I would have to walk until it passed. It happened on training runs and it happened at the Shamrock 8k and now I just can't breath. I was seriously wondering if I had exercise induced asthma. I finished in 26:55 and came in 3rd in my age group. 
The race itself was really nicely done. The horse farm was beautiful and the volunteers were great. I am so happy that I had opportunity to run this race. Three of the 4 races sold out. The only one that had any spots left was the run with your hound! I don't have a dog, but if I did he would be racing too!
Even my husband had a good time (I think). Thanks for coming to yet another race!! Love you!
Leaving my watch behind was a good decision. I have only run with it once since The Stingray and that was because I needed to do a long run and wanted to know mileage not pace. I hardly looked at it.
To address my last post about my last two races sucking, this race didn't suck. The weather was perfect, my family and friends were there, it was organized well. I just couldn't breath, again and that sucked. I made the decision that day to go see my doctor.....

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