Thursday, June 27, 2013

Moms RUN This Town

Back in 2011 before I read blogs and was just on the verge of my obsession with running, I was surfing the internet and came across Moms RUN This Town. In desperate need of a running club and with none in town that could accommodate my hectic and busy schedule, I starting my own. It seemed like a good idea and Moms RUN This Town of Virginia Beach was born. I was so optimistic, read:scared as hell that I would look like a desperate fool, and excited to meet other running moms. My goal, my reason for starting our local chapter...I wanted to go to races and know I would know someone other than my husband, who I dragged along. Simple.

Another running mom, Jennie had similiar ideas about finidng running friends and together we got the club up and running. It  started with a FB page and us recruiting our friends and FB acquaintances to be part of what we knew would be a great reason to get out and run. We did a  summer running meetup for a 4 race virtual series the national chapter was putting on; we competed as a team in a local race; and at the end of the summer and virtual series we had a meet up to celebrate and reward our members for getting out and running. From there the group just kept growing!

Today we are close to hitting our 250th member. We have had countless group runs;  race meet-ups; non-running meet-ups; a blog; merchandise; a very active facebook group; a "traveling skirt"; and much more. I can't believe how much it has grown! I see women connecting and supporting each other and it is truly rewarding.  Not only have I meet local  runnng moms, but I've connected with moms across the country that I hope to run into at destination race at sometime.

I can't begin to tell you how rewarding it is has been to help grow this amazing group. It is so amazing to me to know how positively it has effected so many lives. I had had several women come back and tell me how much MRTT has meant to them and the how they are doing things they never thought they could or would. Here is a recent post from one of our members...

 "...Today, marked my fourth run in a week! I can't even remember when I've run that much before! As a new member of this sport, I just want to thank you all for being so inspirational just by doing what you do - being moms who run and love it! In the past, I have always dreaded the idea of going for a run. Now, I'm learning to cherish it because I know I am among some amazing women who all have managed to carve time into their days to get their runs in! MRTT is awesome and I'm so thankful I was introduced to you all!" ~VBMRTT Memeber

Over the past couple of years my life has also "grown". I am busier now than I ever thought possible. I have two boys, one of which is now in school and they are both becoming active in their own sports and other activities. My career as an Athletic Trainer for the USN continues to be a source of pride for me as I help rehabilitate injured active duty. Between work and family responsibilities I try to carve out time to train for those PR's I keep chasing. As my plate is truly overflowing I have come to realize in the past several months that just because I try to do it all, doesn't mean it's all going to get done, at least not with out sacrificing something, whether it be sleep, family time, or my sanity. To simplify my life, and I use that word loosely, I have decided it is time for me to pass the MRTT torch onto someone else. Someone that can devote their time to help our other chapter leader, Lei  continue to grow our amazing club. I will miss certain things about being a chapter leader, but I plan on sticking around as a member and enjoying that side of it for while.

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    1. yay! So glad you do! It has been great! Looking forward to carrying on as a member!