Saturday, May 11, 2013

Strawberry Time!

It is strawberry season here in VA. We have a little area just south of town that is known for its strawberries. There must be about a 1000 you-pick fields. They even have their very own Strawberry Festival Memorial Day weekend. With the cold rainy weather we have had this spring the season was delayed a bit, but now it's game on!

The boys scouting out the field.

I think he found a good spot.

Not sure why I made them wear their boots. It was bone dry, haha.

Basket one.

The boys enjoying the berries.

I made sixteen 16 oz. tubs of freezer jam out of less than two of those baskets. Even tough we try to eat clean we still eat sugar. There is a ton of sugar in jam, 4 cups per box of Sure Jell. If you are Paleo, just imagine I crushed up berries and froze that.  I figure that homemade jam is better for you than Smuckers and way less expensive than organic store bought. I think each homemade jam was roughly 50 cents vs. $4 or more for store bought. I would LOVE to learn to can so I could do more than jam (that rhymes), although I  hope to try refrigerator pickles this summer. (I'll have to find something that rhymes with pickle-hehe.)

Half of my finished product

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