Friday, May 31, 2013

SJA Stingray 5K

I have been terrible at keeping up to date with my blog, especially keeping up with my race recaps. I have run 2 races since before my last 5 posts and no recaps. I really don't have an excuse except that writing about life's happenings has been way easier than writing about running. I think I am majorly burned out or frustrated. Either way, I am having a hard time putting into words my last two races. Well, besides totally sucking, but that would make for a very short post.
So here is a quick recap of race #1...
SJA Stingray Run. I look forward to this race every year and this was a particularly exciting year because my son's school puts on this race and he, along with his classmates were running the 1 mile and a bunch of MRTTers were running in both races as well. His class won a trophy,pizza party, and class funds for raising the most money in donations and race entries! Thank you all who ran for his class!
Connor and his finishers ribbon for the 1 mile.
It is usually a great day at the beach. Not this year. It was about 45* and rain, windy, cold, rain. If it was another race I probably wouldn't have gone. I was frozen at the start and had one too many layers on. I was burning up by mile one. When I hit the halfway mark I think I was top 2 or 3 overall for the women and then boom, couldn't breath and I was spent. Great. I AM super happy for my good buddy Randi who went onto win it and Helen who took second place overall. I ended up 5th, yes I got beat by a 13 year old. :/  I did, however, win my age group because speedy friend 1 and speedy friend 2 took overall placings, congrats girls!!
There was one more race and that was for the little kids. The Stingray Dash. It usually is so cute and the kids are excited. This year they were cold and could care less. Poor Patrick was a popsicle and like and good stage mom I made him perform, err run!

He was not a happy camper!

Patrick and Mike running the dash for sand toys.
Courtney, I understand the weather was bad, but why do you say "it sucked"? Alright, maybe it sucked was a bit strong, but the weather was horrible and I think I could have placed overall if I could have just breathed or at least PR'd.  I totally lost my breath and felt like I was breathing through a straw. I am happy that I kept my age group title three years in row and I am happy for my friends, but this makes two races in a row that I fell apart and missed my goal. Running and I are at odds.

Next up Equi-Kids Cross Country 5K......

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