Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quick update...

I have totally been neglecting my blog and have not been online a lot for that matter. Life has kept me pretty busy lately. Spring is here, although someone forgot to tell Mother Nature to up the temp. We have been busy getting our house ready for summer, inside and out. School is winding down for my kindergartner and Tball has started. I did run the Flying Pirate Half the day before the Boston Bombings. I was all set to write up my recap and then that happened. I didn't feel like writing and I didn't think it appropriate.  I will write it up soon, I hope. I guess I am still trying to process what happened. I have another 5k this weekend, my son's school's 5k. We are hosting a Kentucky Derby party that day too. I have a million things that pop into my head that I want to write about and then can't find the time. I think and hope that after this weekend things will wind down and I will be able to post more often. Wish me luck this weekend. Hopefully, I can PR in the 5K and pull off my party without loosing too much sleep!

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