Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

It’s February and although I am in the mist of half marathon training, I took a break to focus on an important project for my son's class, a Valentines Day bulletin board.  My son’s school is very strong on the parental involvement and we actually have to complete some volunteer hours each year. One of the projects I chose was to decorate my son’s class’s bulletin board for February. There are so many things going on this month, Ground Hog’s Day, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Marathon and Half Marathon Training to name a few. It was hard to choose, but Valentine’s Day won out.
I still think a bunch of little groundhogs or people running would have made for an equally cute bulletin board, but I think kindergartners wouldn’t have fully appreciated a board full of running mantra’s and references!

After consulting with my sister-in-law on the finer points of bulletin board creation, I can up with heart people, one representing each student and this quote from the Bible…

“We love because He first loved us” (John 4:19)

I know, I know, you are amazed at my art and craft skills. There is so much more to me than just running, haha!

I actually really love valentines day for the kids. I have had the boys help me make cards for their buddies and the ladies in their lives the past couple of years. This year we are doing a card/gift combo. My son's classmates are getting these...

 and my little ones daycare buddies are getting these....

So what is your take on Valentines Day? Just another Hallmark Holiday? Or a day to show the people in your life how much they really mean to you?

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