Saturday, February 16, 2013

Treadmill Knee

I am making up a new term for ITB pain associated with speed work on the Treadmill...Treadmill Knee.

I know it's not in any medical dictionary yet, but I am thinking about making an iPhone app all about it. Basically the app with have a person trying to do speed work on the treadmill at a pace that takes them out of the forward lean and allows their foot to strike the ground out in front of them, instead of under them, on their midfoot, thus causing ITB friction syndrome.

If I had any computer skills, I would make a fancy little graphic depicting this, but I don't, so you will have to imagine a person with an oh-sh$t look on their face as they try to keep up with a moving belt so they aren't flung off the back! Under the little video thing (a .gif I think it's called) would be the self diagnosis tool. Do you look like this? Do you have ITB pain? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you suffer from Treadmill Knee. This app would be free, but 'the how to treat it app' would be $19.99! Since injured runners are desperate and will do anything to run pain free, I should be able to retire in about 6 months.

So, if you have followed me at all or associate with me on some level you probably know my ITB was a real thorn in my side for a very long time last year....the final verdict was my gait was crap and I needed to become a midfoot striker. I swear that I ended up being a heel striker because I was that oh-sh$t runner on the treadmill. I have started to up my speed work again and I am afraid if I don't either get my feet moving faster or get off the TM I am going to end up injured again!

But here's the thing, I really don't mind running on the treadmill. I know some people HATE it, I however, would rather try to read subtitles and lip read a showing of Ellen than run in the cold or drizzle or miss my run altogether. Plus it's easy to do speedwork on the TM. Just adjust to your desired pace and go! It's so much harder to push yourself outside, especailly if you don'thave a track nearby to do said speekwork, but I have a plan! I am going to have to get off the TM and get outside for a little bit of good old fashion running. Genius, I know. I am gong to have plan a route and figure out my Garmin, so that it will beep at the right time, keeping me in my desired traget range for pace and distance. Now remember, I have zero computer skills and less Gramin skills. I just figured out, after having it for over a year, how to set it so it told me my splits. (Yes, my head is hung in shame.)


  1. Ah! Courtney! I just figured out my problem, thanks to you!! I have been running FINE lately, even on the treadmill. But, two days ago, I decided to do speedwork on the TM and my BACK has been killing me since! I know if my form goes, my sacrum goes right out and then there can be a "chain reaction" up my back.

    So, where do I send the $19.99 ;-)

    1. Ughh, It's so frustrating! I swear it's the treadmill, at least for me. I ran 10 on Saturday and my ITB was fine. It's funny to me how such a slight change in one's form can cause so many problems...I have an idea for another app ;)

  2. I think you just gave me one more reason not to run on the treadmill! :-)
    I've been running about a 2 mile warm up/some speed work on it lately though. I much prefer to run outside.

    1. I prefer to run outside too, but the convenience of the TM wins most of the time. I do like it for speedwork too, just not when it hurts!!! Warmer weather is coming soon!