Thursday, February 28, 2013

Running Shoes and Trail Running

I need knew running shoes and apparently a course in map reading. I recently bought NB 780’s and anything over 8 miles makes my feet feel like someone is taking a hammer to my metatarsal heads. I have been a wearer of NB running shoes for a long time, mostly because they come in wide width. About a year they changed the make of the shoe I like so I started wearing Brooks.  These were ok, but I missed my NB. Anyway, I went back to NB and what a mistake I made!!! My feet are killing me!
Sunday we were scheduled for 12 miles. To change up our routine I suggested we head out to run trails. I checked out the trail map and I THOUGHT that if we started at one of the local running stores, ran to the end, and looped back we would hit 12 miles. Well, I was wrong. We did start at the store and by the time we got to the rangers station inside the park we had already hit 2 miles. We then took a side trail, which btw, has amazing scenery. The sun was out, the Spanish moss was hanging, the water was glimmering, and the trail was rolling under our feet. It was such a great day for a run…until we ran to the end of the trail and realized that we already did over 9 miles and had about 5 or 6 to get back to our cars. Oops, 12 miles just became 15. At about the 10 mile mark my foot started to hurt, by 11 it was killing me, and 12 I was down to a walk then hobble gait. I thought it was coming from my arch, but I guess the way I had my shoes laced caused them to dig into my navicular bone and bruise it! My foot has been killing me all week. I managed 6 miles yesterday, but couldn't lace my shoe tight at all. It basically flopped on and off the entire time. I'm surprised I didn't get a blister.

Three things I learned from Sunday's run:
1. Double check your mileage BEFORE you head out.
2. Listen to the people at the shoe store. If they say don't wear that particular shoe for high mileage, then don't!
3. Because I have a wide forefoot and a narrow heel, I need to lace my shoes like this (the middle picture)...


Anyone out there have a shoe suggestion for me?
 I need a neutral shoe withwide width and lots of cushioning under the mid/forefoot area.

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