Sunday, February 17, 2013

Speed work, burpees, painting and Valentines Day...

I'm exhausted! My life is usually a whirl wind and this week and weekend were no exceptions. I hope you all had a great Valentines day. (I know I am a little behind!) My son made my year when he gave this Valentine to my husband.

When I asked if he was going to make me a Valentine, he said maybe later. :/ I still love him to pieces and this makes me think that we are doing something right!  Even if it was for Mike and not me!

I decided that after my ho hum race last weekend that I needed to kick up my training a few levels and I can tell I did! My body is screaming at me. I had some extra time this week and was actually able to get in full workouts. On Monday I managed 5 miles of speed work, Tuesday strength training, Wednesday an almost 5 mile tempo run, Thursday I rested, Friday I did more strength training(including wall balls, box jumps and burpees), and then Saturday I ran 10 miles. Well, I meant to workout on Thursday and rest Friday, but I just didn't have it in me and then because I went hard on Friday I was useless to my running buddy on Saturday (Sorry Randi!!). 

bye bye blue

And it doesn't end there, for some reason after a short rest on Saturday I decided to paint our guest bathroom and a ceiling that has been on my to do list for months. I did both ceilings and called it quits. Got cleaned up and headed out to dinner with my husband for a late Valentines Day dinner. I wore heels. I never wear heels. As were were standing waiting for our table I could feel the soreness in my calves and quads. My back was sore and I was having trouble keeping from yawning. Sorry Honey!

hello whispering wheat

When I woke up today I hobbled around like an old lady for about 15 minutes until my body loosened up. After church I went back to my task of painting the bathroom. I started about noon and finished at 9:30. :/ I did take a break to make dinner. My hand is killing me. I can barely type! But of course I am here on the computer and not in bed. I needed to place our  order for out MRTT Shamrock shirts. I am so excited to get these! 4 weeks to Shamrock Marathon weekend. I am not doing the marathon, that is just crazy talk. I will be running the 8k and I am so looking forward to it. I love this weekend. If you are not local and want to do a great destination race this is it!

I am so glad tomorrow is a holiday!

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