Thursday, February 28, 2013

Running Shoes and Trail Running

I need knew running shoes and apparently a course in map reading. I recently bought NB 780’s and anything over 8 miles makes my feet feel like someone is taking a hammer to my metatarsal heads. I have been a wearer of NB running shoes for a long time, mostly because they come in wide width. About a year they changed the make of the shoe I like so I started wearing Brooks.  These were ok, but I missed my NB. Anyway, I went back to NB and what a mistake I made!!! My feet are killing me!
Sunday we were scheduled for 12 miles. To change up our routine I suggested we head out to run trails. I checked out the trail map and I THOUGHT that if we started at one of the local running stores, ran to the end, and looped back we would hit 12 miles. Well, I was wrong. We did start at the store and by the time we got to the rangers station inside the park we had already hit 2 miles. We then took a side trail, which btw, has amazing scenery. The sun was out, the Spanish moss was hanging, the water was glimmering, and the trail was rolling under our feet. It was such a great day for a run…until we ran to the end of the trail and realized that we already did over 9 miles and had about 5 or 6 to get back to our cars. Oops, 12 miles just became 15. At about the 10 mile mark my foot started to hurt, by 11 it was killing me, and 12 I was down to a walk then hobble gait. I thought it was coming from my arch, but I guess the way I had my shoes laced caused them to dig into my navicular bone and bruise it! My foot has been killing me all week. I managed 6 miles yesterday, but couldn't lace my shoe tight at all. It basically flopped on and off the entire time. I'm surprised I didn't get a blister.

Three things I learned from Sunday's run:
1. Double check your mileage BEFORE you head out.
2. Listen to the people at the shoe store. If they say don't wear that particular shoe for high mileage, then don't!
3. Because I have a wide forefoot and a narrow heel, I need to lace my shoes like this (the middle picture)...


Anyone out there have a shoe suggestion for me?
 I need a neutral shoe withwide width and lots of cushioning under the mid/forefoot area.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Speed work, burpees, painting and Valentines Day...

I'm exhausted! My life is usually a whirl wind and this week and weekend were no exceptions. I hope you all had a great Valentines day. (I know I am a little behind!) My son made my year when he gave this Valentine to my husband.

When I asked if he was going to make me a Valentine, he said maybe later. :/ I still love him to pieces and this makes me think that we are doing something right!  Even if it was for Mike and not me!

I decided that after my ho hum race last weekend that I needed to kick up my training a few levels and I can tell I did! My body is screaming at me. I had some extra time this week and was actually able to get in full workouts. On Monday I managed 5 miles of speed work, Tuesday strength training, Wednesday an almost 5 mile tempo run, Thursday I rested, Friday I did more strength training(including wall balls, box jumps and burpees), and then Saturday I ran 10 miles. Well, I meant to workout on Thursday and rest Friday, but I just didn't have it in me and then because I went hard on Friday I was useless to my running buddy on Saturday (Sorry Randi!!). 

bye bye blue

And it doesn't end there, for some reason after a short rest on Saturday I decided to paint our guest bathroom and a ceiling that has been on my to do list for months. I did both ceilings and called it quits. Got cleaned up and headed out to dinner with my husband for a late Valentines Day dinner. I wore heels. I never wear heels. As were were standing waiting for our table I could feel the soreness in my calves and quads. My back was sore and I was having trouble keeping from yawning. Sorry Honey!

hello whispering wheat

When I woke up today I hobbled around like an old lady for about 15 minutes until my body loosened up. After church I went back to my task of painting the bathroom. I started about noon and finished at 9:30. :/ I did take a break to make dinner. My hand is killing me. I can barely type! But of course I am here on the computer and not in bed. I needed to place our  order for out MRTT Shamrock shirts. I am so excited to get these! 4 weeks to Shamrock Marathon weekend. I am not doing the marathon, that is just crazy talk. I will be running the 8k and I am so looking forward to it. I love this weekend. If you are not local and want to do a great destination race this is it!

I am so glad tomorrow is a holiday!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Treadmill Knee

I am making up a new term for ITB pain associated with speed work on the Treadmill...Treadmill Knee.

I know it's not in any medical dictionary yet, but I am thinking about making an iPhone app all about it. Basically the app with have a person trying to do speed work on the treadmill at a pace that takes them out of the forward lean and allows their foot to strike the ground out in front of them, instead of under them, on their midfoot, thus causing ITB friction syndrome.

If I had any computer skills, I would make a fancy little graphic depicting this, but I don't, so you will have to imagine a person with an oh-sh$t look on their face as they try to keep up with a moving belt so they aren't flung off the back! Under the little video thing (a .gif I think it's called) would be the self diagnosis tool. Do you look like this? Do you have ITB pain? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you suffer from Treadmill Knee. This app would be free, but 'the how to treat it app' would be $19.99! Since injured runners are desperate and will do anything to run pain free, I should be able to retire in about 6 months.

So, if you have followed me at all or associate with me on some level you probably know my ITB was a real thorn in my side for a very long time last year....the final verdict was my gait was crap and I needed to become a midfoot striker. I swear that I ended up being a heel striker because I was that oh-sh$t runner on the treadmill. I have started to up my speed work again and I am afraid if I don't either get my feet moving faster or get off the TM I am going to end up injured again!

But here's the thing, I really don't mind running on the treadmill. I know some people HATE it, I however, would rather try to read subtitles and lip read a showing of Ellen than run in the cold or drizzle or miss my run altogether. Plus it's easy to do speedwork on the TM. Just adjust to your desired pace and go! It's so much harder to push yourself outside, especailly if you don'thave a track nearby to do said speekwork, but I have a plan! I am going to have to get off the TM and get outside for a little bit of good old fashion running. Genius, I know. I am gong to have plan a route and figure out my Garmin, so that it will beep at the right time, keeping me in my desired traget range for pace and distance. Now remember, I have zero computer skills and less Gramin skills. I just figured out, after having it for over a year, how to set it so it told me my splits. (Yes, my head is hung in shame.)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

It’s February and although I am in the mist of half marathon training, I took a break to focus on an important project for my son's class, a Valentines Day bulletin board.  My son’s school is very strong on the parental involvement and we actually have to complete some volunteer hours each year. One of the projects I chose was to decorate my son’s class’s bulletin board for February. There are so many things going on this month, Ground Hog’s Day, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Marathon and Half Marathon Training to name a few. It was hard to choose, but Valentine’s Day won out.
I still think a bunch of little groundhogs or people running would have made for an equally cute bulletin board, but I think kindergartners wouldn’t have fully appreciated a board full of running mantra’s and references!

After consulting with my sister-in-law on the finer points of bulletin board creation, I can up with heart people, one representing each student and this quote from the Bible…

“We love because He first loved us” (John 4:19)

I know, I know, you are amazed at my art and craft skills. There is so much more to me than just running, haha!

I actually really love valentines day for the kids. I have had the boys help me make cards for their buddies and the ladies in their lives the past couple of years. This year we are doing a card/gift combo. My son's classmates are getting these...

 and my little ones daycare buddies are getting these....

So what is your take on Valentines Day? Just another Hallmark Holiday? Or a day to show the people in your life how much they really mean to you?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh how I missed...


Today I did something I haven't done in a long time burpees. After my 'ok' performance at the VA is for Lovers 14k this past weekend (race recap to come), I decided I needed to kick my training into high gear and that included my strength training. Yesterday, I did an entire speed work session that kicked my butt and today it was a WOD that included burpees and overhead squats. I have never done overhead squats before and they were hard! I only had 25 pounds and it was difficult to keep my form. I saved the burpees for the end and wow, I was sucking wind and pretty much dying after 10 of them. I did finish 30, but I am pretty sure I looked like a the walking dead or burpeeing dead if there is such a thing. My quads were on fire, my vertical jump was nill, and my landing looked like I might collapse at any moment. Oh how I love burpees!

Friday, February 1, 2013

MRTT Winter Runnerland

Finally after months of planning and prepping for Winter Runnerland, a virtual race put on by Moms RUN This Town, we ran it! My local chapter made it a live event and I think it was well worth the effort. It got my running mommas out of the house on a cold winters day for some exercise and socializing. Some of them even walked away with some awesome prizes.

My co-conspirator, Lei had a brilliant idea to hold this just like a real race, complete with raffle prizes, shirts, schwag bags, and a nice little after party at a local pub. So, for the last few months we contacted numerous vendors for raffle prizes, ordered medals, picked race routes, collected items for our schwag bags, printed race bibs and raffle tickets, and the list goes on.

It even snowed two days before the event to provide us southern coastal girls with a little snow to really make it a Winter Runnerland.

The day before our local Fleet Feet store let us set up for packet pick-up. Thank you Robin!

Since it's a virtual race and we obviously don't do timing for the group, we had raffle prizes to be drawn at random after the run. We had some really generous people donate a lot of great stuff. Thank you everyone!
We had schwag bags for everyone...MRTT pens, temporary tattoos, discount cards from our great sponsors, Scenty products, Running Chics stickers, bibs, and shirts for those that ordered one. Unfortunately the whole one inch of snow we had kept a lot of the moms from coming to packet pickup. We get a dusting here and no one can drive for days. Being from the Buffalo area, I braved the snow and got to hand out packets to those who are also from the north and used to driving in sub-par conditions.

Race Day:
We met up at another running store to hit the trail nearby. You had the option of running a half, 10k or 5k. I was signed up for the 10k, but set out to do 10 miles with Randi.

Notice I said "set out to do ten", I had done 8 just two days before and I was feeling it. We got through 3.5 miles and I could feel myself getting slower and slower. Randi, however was running on fresh legs and I could tell I was going to just hold her back, so I sent her off ahead and I turned around and headed back to the store. Since I was solo, I decided to stop and take a couple of quick pictures, chit chat with Kate, another MRTTer, and just enjoy the run without worrying about my pace.  

When I got back, I headed over to the pub and started to set up for the post race festivities. We set up the raffle prizes and basically took over the pub. While we waited for everyone to finish, people mingled, ate and drank. One by one we called each finisher up and gave them their medal and raffled off the prizes. I think it was a huge success. It was great to finally meet so many of our members and catch up with some of the others. 

Raffle Prizes

Did you do the  Moms RUN This Town Winter Runnerland? If so did you do it solo or did you get together with some friends?