Sunday, January 13, 2013

Flying Pirate


I am running the Flying Pirate Half Marathon on the Outer Banks of NC April 14.  After the holiday's and being sick I finally completed my first official training week today. Although, I wasn't able to log as many miles as I would have liked, I still feel pretty good about getting back into a training routine.

I plan on following Run Less Run Faster again this year. I had good success with it last year, shaving almost 30 minute off my PR time. I don't expect that again, but I hope to PR by 2 minutes. (I hope!)

My week in review:

Last Saturday I did a trail run that ended with a bloody knee. (I'm blaming that on my too tight new running shoes, which have been replaced and will be returned.)

Sunday was a rest day.

Monday I did some speed work. It has been a long time since I did any real speed work and although I had to cut it short and caused a depletion of oxygen in the gym, I was so excited and felt great once I was done.

Tuesday I did a bike workout. 35 minutes with (10) 1:00 sprint intervals.

Thursday was as challenge. I was suppose to do a tempo run. One mile warm-up another mile cool down with three miles at tempo in between. I warmed up, did a mile at tempo and had to take a walk break. Then I did another mile and another walk break and repeat. I ended up doing four miles, not the five I planned, or at the intensity I planned. I guess I am much more out of shape than I thought.

I ended up taking Friday and Saturday off. I had a conference to go to and pushed my long run to today. I almost slept in, but somehow managed to get up out of my nice cozy bed before the sunrise and ran over 7 miles. It was great! The weather was cool but not cold and it was foggy. It made for a very peaceful run. The best part of it was that I didn't need any walk breaks. Plus all my little aches and pains I usually get took the day off and let me just enjoy a nice long slow run.

I had two down falls to my training last year that I hope to avoid this year. (I know, didn't she just say she PR'd by 30 minutes?) I did but I wanted sub 1:50. So the two things I plan on doing this year is to follow the plan more closely. You are suppose to do 2-3 days of cross training in addition to your running. I didn't really do this. Secondly, I did not max out my long runs and my weekly mileage was short compared to the plan. I am going to add in 2 cross training days, one of which will be a bike workout and I plan on logging more miles. I am not their yet, but hopefully I will get there by the months end.


  1. 30 minutes??? that is superb rather outstanding! Can you please tell me more on Run Less run Faster, and the schedule you are following? Right now shaving ten minutes off seems like a task!

    1. Here is the link to their website. It is a 3 quality runs a week training plan, developed by advid runners who happen to be exercise physiologists! It was a great plan for me as my body revolts without rest days!

      To be fair the first half I ran I had a 5 month old and was very very out of shape, so running the second 5 years later and being much more prepared, it was easy getting a huge PR. This year will be the test!

      Here is the link:

    2. Thanks do much not only for the link but also to know that you ran 5 months post delivering a baby! That's very inspiring :))