Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Frosty's Great Cupcake Race

I know I said my racing days were done until 2013, but two of the our Moms RUN This Town chapter members are bloggers,  Run Find Your Happy Pace and Running In Sanity, together they put on Frosty's Great Cupcake 5k, 10K, and children's virtual race(s). They are raising money for  Team in Training and look at this medal, too cute!

I met up with some women from my running club at a local park, one that I have never been to before and I was pleasantly surprised. There was a nice 1.5 mile loop around a lake. It was pretty and I think in the summer mostly shaded, a big bonus around here.

I brought my little running buddy and really bundled him up. This was the first day I actually had to layer up and wear gloves and pants. I signed up for the 5k but ended up doing 5 miles. I wanted to get 6 in, but every time we past the playground my little buddy wanted to jump out of the stroller and go play. I called it at 5 and let him play, while I waited for the others to finish.

While we waited we saw this guy doing push-ups and then heading off down the trail. The picture is grainy because I took this on the DL, but if you zoom in he is wearing a fully packed back pack and some sort of full face respirator. You would think this is an unusual occurrence, but I have seen this more than once! Luckily this oddity is explained by the fact that I live in a military community and this was likely some guy training for a deployment or the like (at least I hope that is what it was).

After the run we got our medals and took a quick picture. I was freezing if you couldn't tell! Darlena handed out some other goodies, snowman hand lotion and candy canes for the kids. Thanks ladies for putting together your virtual races and good luck meeting your fund raising goal!

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