Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012: Year in Review

What a whirl wind year I've had. I set out to complete 2 half marathons, 4 obstacle course races of varying distance and difficulty, and a bunch of other shorter races. I spent well over $700 on races, gear, food, and fuel. If you count travel expenses and throw in physical therapy it would be much much higher. I had lofty PR and age group goals and would like to say I hit them all, but that is only partly true.

To make finding time to train fun, I thought it would be a good idea to buy a new house. Six months later I still have unpacking to do and pictures to hang. A few short months after moving day my son started school, this added a whole other dimension to our lives. I thought I would have more time when school started :/ Needless to say, there is never a free dull moment in our lives.

During the summer I quit drinking Diet Coke and decided to start eating cleanish. To help with that and free up some time, I have been doing monthly menu planning, which in turn has me heading to the grocery store less, but draining my pocket book more (I need to work on this). My family is somewhat on board, or my husband is just pacifying me, either way we have cut out a lot of unnecessary chemicals in our foods. I feel good about this, as good nutrition has always been important to me besides you are what you eat.

My ITB band protested my running for most of the year (9 months), but I think I finally have a handle on it. Since completing the last of my scheduled races in October, I have been taking it easy with running and have kicked up my strength training in hopes of thwarting any repeat ITB or other musculoskeletal problems.

I've began blogging in January and I think I hit 100 posts in 2012. :) I know I am not an award winning writer, but it is fun for me and it has been a good way to connect with other runners and like minded people. Thanks to everyone that took the time to read even one post! If you would like to follow me on Facebook, my link is and if you would like to follow me on Instagram my name is somanymiles. Thanks to all the bloggers who have shared so much information and inspiration! I have enjoyed reading your posts as well!

Overall I can say that 2012 was anything but boring.

2012 Stats:

10 Races
Half Marathons: 2, PR 1:51:10
10K: 2
5K:2, PR 24:24
Half Marathon Relay:1
Obstacle Races: 2, signed up for 4

6 Virtual Races
The Cupcake Classic
The Jelly Bean-Won Lululemon Gift Card!
The Great Cupcake Race
Frosty's Great Cupcake Race
Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k
Hot Momma Virtual Half Relay

SJA 5k, 1st place age group
Run Like a Girl Trail Run, 2nd place age group

I didn't meet all my goals as I was unable to compete in 2 races because of my knee and we all remember the Tough Mudder debacle that had me sitting in 5 hours of traffic! I am happy with my two age group awards, especially since I think the older I get the more competitive my age group gets, but I would be lying if I said I was ok with only coming in second in RLAG and not placing in the All Access 5k. I want to blame it all on my knee but falling short also had to do with time constraints and just not putting in the work.
I hope you all had a great year in all aspects of your life, not just running. Enjoy what is left of this year and I hope you can look back on 2012 and find joy and happiness and as you look ahead to 2013 you see nothing put promise!

Happy Running!



  1. What a fantastic recount of the entire year, after reading this post I know how much more I have to do in the coming year :))
    Have a great running n fit year ahead:))

  2. Thanks and I am sure you will have a great 2013! I mostly wrote it to take a look back and see where I need to improve and change things. I hope it didn't come across as boastful. I mean I am proud of myself, but I am also my worst critic. I hope all is well in India! :)