Monday, October 29, 2012

Wicked 10k

Where do I even start? I have wanted to do this race since it started 4 years ago, but I always had other things going on, a wedding, giving birth, you know the usual. So when I finally didn't have anything else on my calendar, I almost didnt' sign up. I am suffering from something I like to call over-scheduleitis. You have heard of parents over scheduling there kids, well I over schedule myself and have no one to blame but myself. I always feel like I can and have to do it all and lately it is coming back to bite me in the ass. I am burnt out! So what does a stressed out mom do? She runs and she runs in costume!
With only 5 days since my last race, Run Like a Girl, my legs were sore, heavy, and tired.  I went all out on the trail and I didn't have much left in my tank for any hopes of a PR for The Wicked. I knew that going in and had the mind set to just have fun and enjoy the costumes. Of course, this is only partially true and I started the race with the hopes of everything coming together so I would get that PR. Here is how it went down...

I met up with my running club about an hour before the race to get some pictures. We had some superhero's, two Mini Mouse, cheer leaders, Alice in Wonderland, The Energizer Bunny, a zebra and a bunch of other great costumes.

My two running buddies, Meagan a.k.a Robin and Randi a.k.a Wonder Woman.
I ran as Bat Girl. I already had most of my costume and it would be easy to run in and modify if needed for the weather. I was wearing my black Nike running skirt, Bat Girl socks, a black tech t-shirt that I hot glued a Batman symbol and a homemade black cape to, and I got a mask and arm sleeves at the Halloween store to complete my look.
I think capes should come back in style.
Randi and I headed to corral 1 and noticed that the other people in corral 1 aren't as festive as the other runners. In fact, most of the people running in the first corral were dressed as runners. We were a minority. We decided that fast people are boring.
Randi was set on trying for a PR. I played along and was aiming for a sub 50 minute race. I really did want a PR (who doesn't), but knew deep down I wasn't feeling it today. We started out doing a sub 8-min mile, I think around a 7:40 pace. We did that for the first two miles as we headed south one block in from the boardwalk. Now, you may have heard a little about "the perfect storm" threatening the east coast. This Frankenstorm is made up of Hurricane Sandy and 5 other storms inland or something like that...I haven't had time to read the paper. I just new that it wasn't going to really start until after the race and that was what I was focused on. I probably should have been at the grocery store getting water and bread.
Once we turned and headed north on the boardwalk another perfect storm started and my PR was way out reach.  The wind was strong causing my pace dropped to over a 10 min mile at times and my knee started to ache. As I was fighting the wind and worrying about a possible DNF because my knee was screaming at me, Randi was able to hold her pace and was off chasing her PR. 
I tried to correct my form and do all the little self checks Chi Running suggests you do, but nothing was helping. My ITB was flaring up big time. I just embraced the suck and kept moving. The course finally took a turn off the boardwalk and headed north on Atlantic Ave. For a second the wind wasn't as bad, except every time I ran past a building I had to brace myself for the gust of wind.
At about mile 3.5 I heard a familiar voice come from behind me, it was my friend Cathy. I was so grateful that she was there. I was feeling my ITB with every step and just wanted the race to be over, so to have someone to run the last couple of miles with was great.  We headed up Atlantic and turned back onto the boardwalk, this time with the wind to our backs. I felt like a new person. My knee was fine and I felt a surge of energy, so I decided I was going to try and make up some lost time and kick it into high gear. That lasted about a quarter of a mile until I realized I really had nothing left in the tank and couldn't push my pace any faster. Oh well, I put my mask back on hoping for one decent race picture at the finish line (I always look like death) and finally jogged crossed the finish line.
Randi got her PR with a time of 48:45! Great Job!! I strolled in with a time of 52:05. Three seconds slower than my 10k PR, which was a hilly trail run (just wanted to point that out).
52:05 finish time
8:24 pace/mile
28/774 in 35-39 age group
710/7264 overall
Now onto the after party. Because of Sandy the post race party was moved to the cozy confines of the VB Convention Center. What a great idea! They had Blue Moon Beer, chili bread bowls and the costume contest. Not to mention a ton of runners in fabulous costumes!

Best post race meal ever!
I am surprised this guy didn't get blown away by Sandy!

Even though my knee has been killing me for two days  I am happy that I finally got to experience The Wicked. I will definitely put this on my race schedule for next year! Over the next couple of months I am going to enjoy my family and the holidays. As much as it is going to pain me to not do a Turkey Trot or Santa themed run this winter, I need to let my body rest and get my house that I moved into in July sorted out and decorated. Don't worry, I'll be up in the gym working on my fitness for 2013. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!


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  1. That race looks like so mich fun! So sorry your IT band gave you trouble. I love your costume.