Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I need motivation or sleep or both. I have two races coming up and then I plan on taking a nice big break from running or at least my pathetic attempt at training.

Last March I was afflicted (yes afflicted) with ITB friction syndrome after the Shamrock Half. My painful knee, along with a bunch of changes in my personal life, including moving and my son starting school, left me doing spotty training for a bunch of races that I had paid for in advance. The last of those two races (ok, I might have signed up for these during my attempt to overcome a painful knee and/or because I can’t say no) are coming within the next week and a half,  Run Like a Girl 4.5 mile trail run is this Sunday and The Wicked 10k is next Saturday.

My knee is doing well and I think I am moving into unconscious competence in regards to learning to not heel strike, but I have lost misplaced my loving feeling with running. I do still love it, but right now I am feeling suffocated and need some me time. I think a two month break from racing and specifically training for an event will help me regain the warm fuzzies I usually get with running. Doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder?

I plan on spending time in the gym working on my fitness and when and if I do run it will be without my Garmin, without a specific pace, without any rules or pressure. I am going to spend more time with the kids, especially on Saturday mornings.

BUT I still need to not only get through these races but perform well. I race to race, not really to race anyone specifically, but I like the challenge and pushing myself.  I will be disappointed if I go out and give a half-ass effort. Last year RLaG was a 10k trail. I trained hard for it and did well, winning my age group. I pushed myself and it paid off. This Sunday I don’t have the training to get me through, so I am going to have to dig deep and push my mental limits if I want to repeat. I have some stiff competition again this year so it could be anyone’s race. As for the Wicked, I plan on it being a fun run and enjoying the experience of running at the oceanfront with a bunch of people in costume.

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