Sunday, October 21, 2012

I found my motivation and it was hiding right next to my competition. I have recently meet some really nice women who happen to be in my age group and are fast. Last week they both beat me in The All Access 5k, you can read about it here, today it was time for a rematch....

Run Like a Girl, brought to you by The Hera Foundation, puts on a nice trail race to bring awareness to ovarian cancer. Do you know the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer?
  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full fast
  • Urinary symptoms
  • also, indigestion, back pain, bowel problems, abnormal bleeding or unusual fatigue.
If these symptoms last for 2-3 weeks and are unusual for you, experts recommend a CA 125 blood test, transvaginal US and a pelvic/rectum exam. If ovarian cancer is suspected see your gynecologist!

Last year it was a 10k and I won my age group, today it was a 8k and thank goodness for that because this trail was kicking my butt, at least 3 people fell and I rolled my ankle.
It is really hard to roll these tree trunks so you know the trail was tough.

The course was The Osmanthus trail in First Landing State Park, here in Virgina Beach. I love running at First Landing, but surprisingly enough I had never run that particular trail. As you can imagine coastal living is very flat and First Landing is one of the few places with rolling hills around here. If you don't train here regularly it can be a beeznatch come race day.

I really didn't have a plan other than to run as fast as my little legs could carry me. I started out with my friend Randi and she cautioned me that we were going too fast and about a mile in she backed off only to come back strong and place 5th overall and win her age group! I just kept at it. At mile two I rolled my ankle on a tree stump, but was able to keep moving. When we started we were in the top 5 but by the time we hit mile 3 I had fallen to 8th. There was an older woman in purple who passed me, but I was able to keep on her tail for the second half of the race. When it got closer to end I would try an pick her off.

The race was suppose to be a 4.5 mile run, so when we hit the 4 mile mark I started to close in on the lady in purple (I like to give people nicknames when I run). There was also a women, I think she took 2nd overall who was dressed in all green and I kept referring to her as The Green Lantern....anyway, I started to make my move with about a quarter mile left. I picked up speed and zoomed past her only to be not .2 tenths of a mile from the finish but over a half mile! WTH? They changed the distance and forgot to tell us! At one point I thought I took a wrong turn and purple lady passed don't want to know what word I referred to her as then....As we got closer to the end I could hear the crowd and dug deep and zoomed past her once again to finish just before her with an unofficial time of 42:04 for 5.04 miles (so says my Garmin). I came in 8th overall and second in my age group. Not only did I get a really cool medal, I also got a copy of Run Like a Girl the book and a cool back pack.

My awesome MRTT ladies!

I also got to meet some awesome MRTT members and I think we were successful at recruiting some more women to this awesome club. I did beat the two ladies that beat me last week and we now have a nice friendly rivalry going, little do they know that Randi, the MRTTer that took first in her age group, fifth overall is moving up into our age group in December. Another MRTTer that I had the pleasure of meeting today, Meghan, took first place! I'm so proud of my chapter, not only for winning, but because they are a great group of women of all paces who encourage and support one another! Thanks for making MRTT a success!

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  1. Speed demon! Great job on the race!