Monday, October 15, 2012

All Access 5k

The All Access 5K

I did a last minute 5k this weekend. I thought it would be fun to see if my 5k time had improved since May, when I did the SJA Stingray 5k. The race was at 5 pm which gave me all day to recover from my 5.5 mile trail run I did at 7 am. Kind of. Recover is a relative statement and since I have little ones, it was also non-existent. Oh well, it was fun to challenge myself and I got in 8.5 miles for the day.

hanging out on stage prior to the race
The race started at 5:00 and registration opened at 3:00. Since I missed online registration I headed over the Virginia Beach Amphitheater at 3 to make sure I could register and sure enough for $50 I could, but I could not get a shirt, boo! I need to follow-up on that. Since the race was at the amphitheater and as the name implies, we would be running around the grounds, through the venue and end up back stage where all the cool kids are during a performance.

My new neighbors Cathy and Cheryl were running this, along with Cathy's workout buddies who were gracious enough to let me tag along. I even got some cool socks out of the deal! Thanks Helen!

It was a small race and we were able to get near the front of the corral with no problems. Not that I am super speedy or deserve to be at the front, but there really weren't that many people running it. So up close to the front we went. As usual, the gun fired and we were off. I tried to not get caught up in the initial sprint and save some of my energy. My legs were heavy from my morning run and the hectic life I live. Helen was off and there was no catching her. Cathy and I ran together for a while, but then she was off too! Somewhere around the 2 mile mark my tank was close to empty and then my shoe came untied. Great. The final lap had us running through the seating area and there are some small gradual inclines and I thought I was climbing Mt. Olympus. Then we snaked back around and finished behind the stage.

My boys were there cheering me on! We hung out for a little, enjoyed some Moe's and beer. Took a tour of the dressing rooms and headed home. It was a nice little race to do. I got to take a sneak peak at my competition for next weekends Run Like a Girl (it doesn't look good for me!) These are some FAST (and very nice) ladies I met! Great job. Helen took 2nd, Cathy 3rd and I got 4th in our age group. Great job ladies. It was another new friends frist race ever! She did great too and I think she really enjoyed the experieince. Great job Julie. Our other neighbor also took 2nd in her age group. I am surrounded by speedy women!! Thanks again for letting me tag along!

I ended up doing it 24:24, that's 7:51/mile. Not to bad for my second run of the day, but not a PR. Now it's time to "tapper" for Sunday's race.

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