Monday, October 1, 2012

A Ray of Light

This morning on my way to work I had two thoughts, one about my headlights and one about my training. I start work in the wee hours of the morning, when most of the world is still sleeping. When I was driving in today I realized how pathetically hazed over my headlights were. Driving with my brights on is the equivalent of most peoples regular lights. I have been putting off getting them restored for months. I am even surprised that they passed inspection. I haven't gotten them done for a couple of reasons, mainly time and money. Most places (ok, the one place I asked about it) wanted $80 per headlight! $80! And to replace the entire light would be well over $100 each. So, I went into procrastination mode. But today I couldn't take it anymore. I stopped at Auto Zone and picked up this little do-it-yourself kit. It retailed at $14.99 and came highly recommended by the AZ staff.

This surely can't be legal!

In less than thirty minutes I had sparkling (almost) like new headlights! I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was to clean the yellow haze off. All it took was a little elbow grease to apply the Rain-X chemicals and VIOLA, nice clean headlights. I almost can't wait to get up in the predawn hours to see what it's like to drive with actual headlights! Watch out suicidal deer, you'll have to find another car to end your life with.  I see you!


This morning seems like it happened last week and this afternoon of auto-care bliss seemed like it happened yesterday. So, even though the days are getting shorter I feel like I have more and more to cram into them. My oldest started school this fall and because of that, my me time has diminished. Now, I am not complaining (sort of) I would do anything for my boys and if that means sacrificing a little me time than I'm all for it, but this me time I am sacrificing is my workout time. SO, I need to get creative with my schedule and/or training plans and find a little extra time dedicated to yours truly.

So where in my hectic day to I cram in about an hour of workout time? Before I go to work? Do I actually lose another hour of precious sleep and either hit the creepy dark road for few miles before work or spend an hour on the treadmill in my equally creepy garage? Do I stay up late and hit the treadmill after the boys go to sleep and yet again loose more sleep or worse have a crappy workout because I am so tired from my marathon day? Now, I still have about a half hour before the boys get home to cram a workout in, which is great and I plan on utilizing this time, but 30 minutes isn't always enough time to get  done what I need to get done, especially if I am trying to get my miles up or some speed work in. I typically only run three days a week so what if I do 4-5 days of shorter runs? I wonder if I will be able to get the same results? I'm open to suggestions...

When do you fit in your runs? Morning, afternoon, or night?

How many days do you run per week?

What is your weekly mileage?

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