Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rock n Roll Half Marathon Weekend Part 1

Rock n Roll Half Marathon Weekend
Race Recap

I was back and forth about signing up for this race. I have signed up for it three times in the past and only did it once. One time I was pregnant and didn’t want to train in the heat. The other time I had to drop out for an injury. The one I did manage to run, I was 5 months post partum and it was my first half marathon ever. When I finally finished, I told my husband to never let me sign up for another again! It was so hot and I was in no shape to run that far.  I have since run other half marathons, but I am in much better shape than I was back then. Regardless,  I was still in doubt about this race until I saw that they added a relay option! Perfect! I get the shirt, the medal, and access to the American Music Festival! Plus I didn’t have to train nearly as hard in the heat and humidity that a summer in Virginia Beach can bring.  So I recruited my sister-in-law, Jill to run the second leg of the race with me.  Here is how the weekend went down….

Friday-Packet Pick-up

Important to do's around the house.

I decided to hit up the expo on Friday in hopes to avoid crowds and buy an American Music Festival pin for my husband so we could see O.A.R that night. I did miss the crowds but we didn’t get to see O.A.R., too much to do around the house.

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The expo was one of the nicer ones I’ve been to, including Disney. I don’t like crowds or being crowed. I think they spread out the booths a little more than some other expo’s I have been to or maybe I am imagining that, not sure…I am still a little dehydrated. The official race gear was Brooks and very nice but I opted to spend my money on a storage belt contraption by The Hippie Runner. I didn’t want to wear my fuel belt, Garmin, and iPhone holder. This held everything and came with reusable clips for my race bib. The only thing it didn’t hold was water and from what I’ve heard, I am grateful for being in an earlier corral, as water and cups were scarce towards the end of the race!

Saturday-kind of Rest Day!

I ran some errands with my boys in the morning, including buying a new toilet seat and getting their hair cut. It was an awesome morning. (Insert eye roll here.) My in-laws arrived and after lunch we hung by the pool. Which, should have been a nice relaxing day except, we got locked out of the house and into the back yard. The only way in was through the front and all that stood between me and my air conditioning was a 6 foot wood privacy fence. Great. Good thing I got that toilet seat because I was up s@$t’s creek and needed a floatation device!

Now, you have to get a visual to truly appreciate this story. I am in my bare feet and my swim suit and cover-up. No one else is agile enough to get over the fence, except maybe my 2 year old, but he would be useless once over. So I scaled that thing like a spider monkey. At the top I realized I had to propel myself up and over to avoid catching my cover-up on the fence and end up in an America's Funniest Home Video segment, with total strangers laughing at my idiocy. I stepped onto the top of the fence, jumped up and over, and landed gracefully on the other side….with a nice big cut on the bottom of my
foot…SH$T!!! 8 miles in less than 24 hours with a nice big gaping wound on my foot. Fan-fricting-tastic! As if I wasn't already ill-prepared.

PART 2: The Race and Beyond....coming soon!

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