Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stumpy Lake and the State of My Knee

Stumpy Lake and the State of my Knee

I have been trying to work on my running form. If you have been following me at all you know I have been whining and complaining about it for months now, 6 months to be exact. Well, I am finally getting some resolution. I figured out what has been causing my ITB friction syndrome. It's my bad form not muscle tightness, weakness, lack of sleep, hormones, my kids or my shoes. (Ok, so those last few I made up, but it's fricken annoying!!) And all this not running has made me cranky. I went back to the PT who laid the foundation of good running form. You can read all about it HERE. I wanted to continue to improve, so I checked out an audio book on CHI Running from the library and started to listen to it on my way to work. (That is another story all together-I almost fell asleep at the wheel. Not because it's boring, but because Danny Dreyer's voice is sooo yoga instructor-like!) But Hey---Guess what??? It's working! I have been running 4 times now with NO PAIN!!! I have to think a lot about my form and my calves were so sore, but even that is improving and I couldn't be happier!!

To celebrate my return to running I tried a new trail my friend found when he was out SUPing. I have driven past this trail 5 times a week for over 3 years and had no idea it existed. It's my new go to trail running spot.  It's a nice little flat wooded 1.6 mile loop. I had planned to run 3 miles but ended up doing 5.5. I would have done more but I had to be someplace and was actually late, I was having so much fun running.

I LOVE trail running. For me it is one of the reasons I love to run. Look who I ran into several times. There were actually two and they weren't very afraid of me either. I also smelled a skunk on the smaller loop and decided to stick to the longer loop for the second half. I keep clapping every few minutes hoping to scare it away. If someone was walking nearby they probably thought I was cheering myself on.


I feel ready to say that I am back and my ITB problems are behind me (as long as I keep practicing my knew form). Hopefully, CHI Running will really help add injury free years to my running. Up next, The Rock n' Roll Half Marathon. :-)

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