Friday, August 10, 2012

Military Challenge 2012

It has taken me a while to get this recap up, I guess I am still recovering from the course or just super busy and not really feeling the whole social media thing. But that feeling has gone and I am ready to give you the run down on (use a deep echo voice when reading the next title)....

The MC 2012.

This is the third year I have run this particular obstacle course/5k. I have been there since the beginning and have seen this race grow into a nice little (inexpensive) obstacle run. This time around I ran it with some of my girls from MRTT.

Yes we are big dorks!

The course was particularly dangerous this year, not only did it rain all week leading up to the race, providing a wet and muddy experience,  there were wild animals on the loose!

This one was very scary...

I love mud runs, obstacle runs, whatever you want to call them.
I them.

ITB pain or not I was running this race. I had set a goal earlier this year to win my age group and cough cough, that didn't happen. Oh well, but what did happen was memorable. The course conditions were perfect. The heat had finally calmed down after being in the 100's for most of the month and the course itself was nice and muddy winding through a wooded area behing the Virginia Beach Sportsplex.

This was the bubble pit last year
There are drainage ditches, which were rain swollen and about up to my waist with God knows what running through them. There were walls to hurdle yourself over; mud pits to crawl through; a cargo net to climb up; and to finish it off a bubble bath leading into a slip n' slide  so you were all clean when you crossed the finish line. 

See how nice and clean I am?

How clean we all were...

We all had a great time at the after party!

And then we found out that we WON the team division!! I guess third times the charm!
Congrats Ladies!

I can't wait for next year!!

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