Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Colorful and Smelly Craft Time

Thank You Pinterest! 

I love doing arts and crafts and my boys love arts and crafts. They love them because they get to be creative and sometimes use scissors! I love them because it keeps them engaged in an activity allowing me a moment of peace. I find that if I just tell my boys to “go play” they go annoy one another and all I hear is “Mom!” I prefer the calm and thoughtful quietness a good arts and crafts session brings to my home.

I have been saving this particular project for a nice day when we could go out by the pool and make a mess.

Here is what you will need: Vinegar, baking soda, food coloring, a medicine dropper (I used oral syringes), a container for your food coloring/vinegar mixture, and one for your baking soda. I used ice cube trays and aluminum pie plates. The pinner I took this from (the link wouldn't work or I would give you credit) used a medicine dropper.

Mix yourself up some colored vinegar, drop it onto the baking soda and viola hours (well about an hour) of fun for the young.

My little one just liked the colorful fizzing he created and kept saying “Wow, Mommy, Wow.” My older son was trying to create works of art and was much more deliberate with where he put the colors. It was great fun by all and a easy cleanup. Although we did it outside, inside might not be so easy to clean.


  1. It was! We've done it a couple of times now. It keeps them busy :)