Friday, July 6, 2012

On the Move!

Last weekend my family finally got to move into our new home! It seemed like an eternity had passed since we put an offer on the house back in March until now. But at the same time time has flown by and the movers were at our door bright and early Saturday morning.

Of course, the temperature was in the high 90's for our move. I felt so bad for the movers! As the beads of sweat fell and the furniture and boxes got packed into the truck and then moved into the new house, the excitement for this new chapter for my family grew. This is the house where my kids will grow up and graduate from high school. It will probably be the home they come back to visit us as they go off into the world and bring their families to visit Grandma and Grandpa. (A very cool and young looking Grandma!)

internet photo, but this is them and I swear they were 3 inches long
The family we bought the house from was very helpful in getting us acquainted with the ins an outs of the house. However, we are still unpacking and getting settled in and I can't find my Fuel Belt or my Head Sweats Visor. I kinda need those. So, if someone from Head Sweats and/or Fuel Belt is reading this I would LOVE the opportunity to do a review in exchange for a new one! ;) I would buy new ones, but I had to drop almost $200 to have a nest of European wasps removed from the second floor overhang. Apparently, this  species of wasp is particularly aggressive and dangerous, not something I should be removing with a can of Raid! So I bit the bullet and forked over the cash. 

I finally got internet access yesterday and hope to start blogging a little more.  Also, now that the move is pretty much complete, I can finally start on some projects that had been on hold. Including getting some answers about my knee. My doctor appointment is next Friday, yes Friday the 13th. Great. I am going to try and get the MRI images looked at sooner, I can't stand the suspense! I also want to get my meal planning more organized and looking a little fancier. You can read my post HERE. And of course spend more time actually interacting with my boys instead of yelling at them to not unpack the boxes that I just packed. So glad that is over!

Well, Happy Friday everyone! Anyone racing this weekend? It's going to be a scorcher here, heat index over 100*, so my potential long run will be on the treadmill.

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