Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Mystery of the Aching Knee has been SOLVED!!

I planned my day yesterday thinking I was going to be able to get in a quick workout between work and my doctor’s appointment. You can read that post HERE. Well one thing led to another and yesterday ended with me totally exhausted but not from exercise.
I skipped my workout to get my MRI read by one of the doctors that I work with. (Friday is my actual appointment, but I couldn’t wait. )

The diagnosis has gone back and forth between providers. Most recently, I was convinced I had torn my meniscus and was going to need surgery. I am such a hypochondriac! I must really annoy the people I work with with all my aches and pains and obsessive talk about what could possibly be wrong with me! I work in an orthopedic sports medicine clinic and I swear I am turning into Michael Clarke Duncan’s character from The Green Mile. You know the guy on death row that grabbed Tom Hank’s junk and cured him of a bad urinary tract infection. Except, I don’t have the ability to expel the ‘toxins’ like Duncan’s character could. I just keep sucking in the toxins and the next thing you know my patient’s knee pain goes away and mine flares up! Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but that’s how I feel. Then I talk about it and over analyze it until everyone is sick of hearing about it! But, I digress.
Back to the MRI results:  My cartilage is fine. There are minor degenerative changes to the articular cartilage but at this time are asymptomatic. There is no lateral meniscal tear. According to the MRI there is mild fluid around my ITB. MILD?? Well I guess, but that mild inflammation is causing me a lot of problems. Mild is relative. It would be mild if I wasn’t a runner; if I didn’t want to run more than 3 miles at a time; if I wanted to sit my butt on the couch and knit; but I don't want to knit! I want to RUN. To me it isn’t just mild.  This mild amount of fluid is not only painful when I try to bump up my mileage, it has caused me to fall way behind in my training and is holding me back from the goals I set for myself.  
So where do I go from here? Well, my actual appointment with my ortho is on Friday. (Yesterday’s appointment was just an annual physical to keep my insurance costs down.) Assuming he concurs with the other doctors interpretation of the MRI, I am hoping for an injection of steroid. I have already gone the conservative route with therapy. I am not sure why that failed, probably because I am not very consistent.  This needs to change either way.  
The remainder of my day was dedicated to my pool in a most unfortunate way. It turned green over the weekend and after a very expensive chemical treatment(s), it  needed to be vacuumed and given a little more TLC.  So I didn’t get to check everything off my to do list; Swim lessons were cancelled along with my workout.  But today is another day and my schedule is wide open.  I hope to get a good run in and spend some time with my family.


  1. I also have ITB issues but are currently resolved. I did so much research when I was dealing with it (2.5 months). Be careful with the steroid shots. From what I read on the web, they didn't really help with ITB issues. Usually it's a sign of weakness in the muscles surrounding the knee and strengthening is the best thing to do. I also got relief from Ultrasound Therapy but it seems everyone is different. Good luck and I look forward to hearing what helps!

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for reading! :) Glad your knee is feeling better. Mine is getting there slowly, very slowly! I'm all for the injection. I can't take an NSAID b/c I am allergic, weird, I know. The injection should get rid of the inflamation and as long as I correct the muscle imbalance it should stay gone. (I HOPE!) :) Oh- and I think this fall I will be making your crock pot apple butter :)