Monday, July 9, 2012

Busy Day = Quick Workout

It’s going to be a long busy week and it’s going to take some juggling and tight planning to get it all in. Hopefully, Friday will get here sooner rather than later.

On today’s agenda I have to work, then off to a Dr. appointment, pick up the boys, home, vacuum the pool (it turned green over the weekend), probably go back to the pool store, get dinner together for the family, swim lessons for the boys, and maybe just maybe put up some pictures around the house (we are still unpacking from our move).
Since I am short on time and can’t run today, I am going to try to fit in a Crossfit-type/HIIT’ish workout on my lunch. Here is what I have planned:
5 minute warm-up on the bike
30 Wall Balls
30 TRX Rows
30 RDL’s
30 Triceps dips
30 TRX knee to chest
5 minute cool-down on the bike
To bump it up a notch and really get my heart rate up, I am going to do 5 burpees every minute on the minute of the workout. So if I only have 15 wall balls done and a minute is up then I’ll stop, knock out the burpees and then go back to wall balls until I am done with 30 reps, then right onto the next exercise.  There is no planned rest time so I hope to get my heart rate up and have this done in 20-25 minutes. Not including the bike.
This workout was inspired by a ZWOW youtube video I saw last week. Is it just me or does she make some crazy breathing noises when she works out? 

What do you have planned for today? Do you have any favorite quick workouts?

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