Saturday, May 5, 2012

SJA Stingray Race Recap

Today was the 10th Annual Stingray 5k, 1 mile, and lil'ray run. I have done this race several times, once even while pregnant with my little one. Our church puts it on at Little Island State Park in Sandbridge. The weather was perfect for a  late spring/early summer run at the beach. My favorite part, besides the kids run, is that our Priest starts the race on his Harley. Yes, my Priest rides a Harley and surfs.  

Last year I ran it with 3 friends and we all won our age groups. This year,we were back and ready to kick some stingray tail. Well, kind of us just had baby and for obvious reasons isn't back to running. Meagan, my running partner in crime, just started a new job and has been a little busy learning her new career and me, well, I have been low mileage since March with this stupid ITB issue. My parents were also in town visiting and my mother entered as a walker and took third place! Go Georgene!

I wasn't sure how I was going to run. I went in with low expectations. My ITB has made it impossible to to do any real mileage and I have lost a lot of my endurance since the Shamrock back in March. Plus you never know who is going to show up at these races.

My husband was scouting the competition. He was trying to judge anyone that looked like they might fall into my age group and he spotted two women, who just looked fast and about my age. Well, they were fast. When Father's Harley roared and everyone took off, these two were out of my sight within minutes. I kept listening to my father-in-laws words of advice "run YOUR race." I tried not to get caught up in the crowd and start too fast and I just tried to kept my pace around 7:50. I decided that if those two were in my age group and they were that fast, than there was nothing I could do about it and God Bless Them!

I would like to say I held my pace pretty consistent throughout the race, but I didn't. I dont' know what I did exactly (because I have no idea how to use my Garmin), but I was between 6:40-7:50 the first mile. The second was right around 7:50-8:00/mile. The third mile with where things got iffy. I was at 8:00 then 8:45, then back down to 7:50 then up to 8:50. I somehow managed to dig deep and ran the last .3 miles at 6:43 pace. I thought I was going to pass out. I heard my older son cheering for me with all his might and although, inside I was like, "Thanks, C! I love that you are cheering for me, and I am giving you a high-five as I run pass." Outside I was gasping for breath and didn't have it in me to do more than try and raise a finger to him. I felt so bad. I let him know repeatidly that I heard him and that I love that he was cheering for me and it helped me to my finish! Thankfully, he was ok with that.

After I finished, I jogged back to my mom, who was still walking and walked the last half mile or so with her. She did really well and enjoyed getting her walk on.

Next up was the the lil'ray run, for 5 and under. My church is awesome. It is free for all the kids and not only do they get race bibs, they run to get a prize. This year they got sand pails filled with a beach ball, bouncy ball, a baseball cap, and some toys from Chik fil a. They had a blast. My older son was serious about racing too. It was really cute! P was just happy to get his toys and that is what it is all about....them enjoying being active.

So after the race, we stuck around for the awards, at best I thought I got maybe third in my age group. When they called third then second place and neither were me, I figured I didn't place. No big deal. Those women were fast! But then they called me for first place! Lets just say that those women were in the 40-44 age group, not only were they fast, they looked great for their age. Well done girls!

Totally surprised!
It was a good run and I think I can safely say that my knee problems have subsided. Thanks again to my PT, Dave! And a huge thanks to my wonderful husband, who I drag to these things and takes care of the boys while I run. Love you!


  1. Well done! It was great meeting you today! I'm drooling over your pace, by the way. :)

  2. It was great meeting you too! Hopefully we'll run soon!

  3. It was great meeting you too! Hopefully we'll run soon!