Saturday, May 19, 2012

MOTOACTV: GPS Fitness Tracker and Smart MP3 Player

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be sent the world's first all-in-one GPS Fitness Tracker and Smart MP3 Player, MOTOACTV by Motorola. All Motorola wanted in return was an unbiased review of their devise. (I love blogging!) So here goes...but first I might warn you I am NOT a techie and will probably have you slapping your hand against your head if you are!

Where do I start? It's a pretty cool little device.  It is way more 2012 than my Garmin 305. Not only is it a GPS for running and cycling outside, It has ACCUSENSE Technology that allows you to use it inside to on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, and step machine. And according to their website up to 40 other activities,including squash, snowboarding, yoga, yard work, golf, and kayaking to name a few. (Yes, it really has yard work listed as an activity you can track. Score! I told you it was cool!)

You can wear it as a watch or pop it onto this little clip that it comes with and wear it like an iPod. If you cycle you can buy the bike mount and have it right there on you handle bars.

It is about 2 inches square and touch screen. The main screen is the time piece. You can change out the look just like on your phone by tapping the screen and picking from 15 different ways to view your clock, including my two fav's a skull clock and a runner who's legs are the hour and minute hand, clever.

If you swipe your finger to the left you get to the mp3 screen. The device comes with a bunch of preloaded songs. Thanks Motorola, but I didn't like any of them. You can sync it right to your itunes and create play lists, add podcasts, and it even has an FM radio option. Pretty cool.

Swipe it again and you get to the Notification Screen. Here you sync the device to your  phone so that you can make and receive calls through your head phones! If you have an Android phone you are suppose to be able to text as well. This is a nice touch, but you need to have your blue tooth on and your phone with you out on a run for this function to work.

If you swipe the screen back past the time piece you get to the Workout Screen. Here is were the magic happens. There is a list of options, recent workouts, running, cycling, walking, elliptical, step machine, and custom workout (just in case you want to track you leaf raking ability!).

 Before I go on about the workouts we must talk about the online support and website.  There is so much this device can do you really need a good user friendly website. There are forums, online chat, and instructions, if you like that sort of thing. You can design your workout online, map your route, create and join challenges, manage your workout data, and this all syncs directly to your device, wirelessly!

Back to the workout screen, that route and workout you planned online, it's now on your device. Just click the tab that says planned and off you go. Don't have a plan? Just hit quick start. Or, want to do 5 five miles or burn 500 calories, well click target and then select time, distance, and/or calories and go! The device will tell you when you get there. While you are out running you can change up the screens by simply tapping or swiping you finger across the screen. Check your pace, your time, view a map. There is also a "coach" that you can turn on or off. This breathy woman will tell you your miles, give you pointers, etc. I like it when she tells me I ran my fastest mile ever and quotes my time.  

So, pretty amazing, right? I have really enjoyed using it. I haven't completely packed my Garmin away. I am slowly being won over by it's sleek design and function, but it makes me nervous. The screen is fragile and I have had several people tell me that theirs cracked (not while running) but they dropped it or fell on a trail and cracked it. Plus is is accurate? For the most part yes, yes it is. I have worn both my Garmin and the MOTOACTV and they were pretty close in terms of pace and distance, although my Garmin tells me I'm faster!

What my MOTOACTV does better than my Garmin, is it finds the satellite about a million times faster! This is huge. I am usually waiting and waiting and waiting for my old Garmin to pick up a signal, but the MOTOACTV usually has it within 30 seconds.

I really don't have many negatives about this device and the ones I do have have been pretty insignificant, like I do not like the color red. I would prefer the accessories to be black or blue. You can however, change your screen colors, so mine is now blue. I thought that the headphones would drive me nuts because it goes from my wrist to my head and I am used to wearing my phone on my arm. But this doesn't really bother me at all. If I am using the device while lifting I just use the clip instead. I didn't like the head phones it came with so I got a pair of YURBUDS. Told you, silly complaints. 

Overall, a really nice device. It is so much more than just a GPS watch. I hope that overtime I can learn all the functions and really get the most out of it.

If you want to learn more and are one of those technologically superior people here is the link to THE SPECS.

THANKS MOTOACTV! Great product!


  1. Thanks for the review. I was wondering about this product. looks cool

    1. Thanks for reading! It has really grown on me. At first I wasn't so sure how it would hold up against the Garmin, but it's holding it's own.

    2. P.S. Your dog is adorable!!