Monday, May 28, 2012

Joggermom Marathon

Wow! This month has flown by! I started out feeling very optimistic about my ITB issues, especially after winning my age group in the SJA 5k. Then tragedy struck and I wrenched my back at work just two days later sending my ITB and back into rageful fits of anger and taking my optimism and kicking it out the window.

But today was different.

With only three days left to finish up my Joggermom Marathon, I put my running gear on and headed out to do some speedwork at the track. I warmed up really well, rubbed my ITB down and off I went. 8x400 meters later, here I am with optimism renewed and a smile on my face. Both my back and my knee were pain free and I am still feeling pretty good. (I hope I didn't jinx anything by writing this post!)

What I thought was going to take me less than two weeks to run, The Joggermom Virtual Marathon, took 28 days. But I did it!! Here is my medal...

2012 Finishers Medal

And here is the picture we were asked to send in. I was going for "let me sneak out of here before they wake up" but it ended up like "what is that weird woman doing in the background." Oh well, It looked better in my imagination, haha!

Thanks for listening to me complain about my ITB the last several weeks. Hopefully, from here on out nothing but positive posts about how well my training is going!


  1. My ITB is the same way...some good days and some bad. I find if I'm on a hilly route or if it's windy it acts up a lot more with the added pressure. It totally sucks though. I want it to go away!

    1. Uggh, ITB's are so lame, haha. Who needs them anyway! :) Hope you feel better soon!!

  2.'ve listened to me complain about my knee for MONTHS. :)

    1. I am starting to think their are more injured runners than non-injured runners and unfortunately were are in the wrong group!