Friday, May 18, 2012

His name is Cujo and this is how he looked at me!

I have fallen off the blogging wagon lately. I have been busy with life and have been trying my hardest to distance myself from the world of social media. (I know, very counterproductive to someone who is trying to establish a blog.) But, I am trying to be more present when with my family and spend less time checking FB on my iPhone (yes, I finally got an iPhone). And to be honest, with the exception of a raccoon on the loose in my neighborhood, I have nothing fun and exciting to blog about.

My ITB is still bothering me. I am taking this as a sign from the big guy upstairs to cool it with running for a while. I am trying to enjoy other activities like strength training, yoga, sleeping, and bike riding with my kids in tow. Soon enough it will be time to gear up for training for my late summer/fall races (like next week).

I checked out In Defense of Food from the library, but have not had enough energy at the end of the day to crack it open for more than a minute before my eyelids become heavy. I am intrigued by how much crap is in our food and how much processed junk we as Americans eat. Once I read this baby I will give you the rundown.

I have been implementing a new grocery shopping/meal planning system (told you NOTHING EXCITING) I am planning my families meals for 2 weeks and doing one big shop per week and then the following week doing a smaller shopping trip for fresh produce, milk, etc... which seems to be working well. It is saving me time and $. I have been prepping most meals on Sunday, so I can just throw stuff in the oven when I get home. Huge time saver there. I just re-read this last what an amazing life I live. Yawn!

I DO have a ton of COOL and EXCITING things I want to blog about and once I get a moment to sit and relax, I will share them with you!

Have a great weekend and if you are running this weekend, whether a race or just a nice run all to yourself enjoy it! You never know when your last run will be.
Haha, my friend said that last part was a little depressing. All I am saying is enjoy your life, especially the people in it and your health!

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