Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Food Situation in America

Who is Glenn Pendlay and why do I keep posting links to his blog on my FB page?

I was looking for a friend’s blog on Word Press and I happened to see a link to his blog. I have never heard of Glenn, but the title and subject is something I am, I hesitate to say passionate about, but I am very interested in nonetheless....The Food Situation in America. It's horrible, I am currently reading In Defense of Food, by Micheal Pollan and if I can ever stay up past 8pm, I will finish it and give you my book report.

Glenn is a highly respected Olympic Weight Lifting Coach. He is all over the strength training/weight training world, blogs, youtube, etc... and now he is a blogger that I want to hear more from. In yesterdays post, I'm Pissed, Part I, Glenn tells us he is pissed at the amount of junk food that is constantly being thrown in our faces. He cites his experience from being in Guatemala where the food is simple and comes mainly from whole food sources, to his plane ride back to the States and how 5 commercials in a row are junk, junk, and more processed, high sugar high fructose corn syrup, fat laden junk. What has become of our nation’s food supply?

If you are like me, just a mom who wants their children to grow up happy and healthy, knowing that you did the best you could for them, including providing healthy wholesome foods, you should be mad at the state of things in here in the good ol’USA. The food that we mass produce is killing us. This Western Diet gives us diabetes, heart disease, and cancers. We need to take a stand! Am I saying we should picket and lobby at the capitol, no. I’m not that person. I’m just saying that we all can do our part by reading labels before we buy; avoid highly processed foods that claim they are good for us; avoid artificial colors and flavors; AND buy whole foods, including FRUITS and VEGTABLES!

Ok, I am going to hop off my soap box. By no means am I a perfect little Martha Stewart at home whipping up foods from scratch with the organic produce I grew in my garden. But I am doing my best to limit the processed foods I purchase, as well as, avoiding artificial colors and preservatives. I don’t buy all organic, that would be impossible for me. But I do visit local farms with my children and purchase as much locally grown fresh produce as possible. I want my children to know where food comes from and it isn’t a grocery store shelf.

Do you only eat organic? Are you a believer in the Paleo diet? Or, Is the term clean eating foreign to you? Could you care less and say bring on the HFCS and Blue #1?


  1. We are huge clean eaters here. It has been easy for me, but a bit more difficult to get my boys on board. But they are young. Months ago we eliminated cereal, which was a huge shift. There was some complaining, but it was not too bad. I limit grains as much as possible and we eat about 80% organic. We get milk directly from a farmer and eat lots of fruits and veggies.

    1. I wish I could just buy all organic, I would feel so much better about what my kids eat. But it is so expensive. I have looked into doing a CSA with the local farmers here and will probably take advantage of that. My husband is the limiting factor here. I just started cleaning out our pantry and not buying anything with artificial anything. Wish me luck on trying to transform my families eating habits! Oh-and I have a bit of a diet coke addiction, that is my downfall. If I can kick that habit we'll be on the right path.Thanks for reading! And any suggestions on what works for you would be greatly appreciated!!