Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Using an NSAIDs While Running?

I just saw a post by another runner stating that she “lives” on Advil (an NSAID). She takes it before and after she runs. There is a lot of research out there that suggests this is a BAD IDEA. Just Google ‘using and NSAID while running’ and you’ll be flooded by articles advising against doing this.  
Some of the associated risks of taking an NSAID before an activity, especially an endurance  activity are:
GI upset
Masking of pain, which can make an injury worse
Kidney Damage/Failure
And some research shows that there is NO ADVANTAGE to taking an NSAID before activity anyway. It may dull some of the pain, but it was shown to NOT improve performance or decrease the severity of DOMS after exercise.  Muscle damage was similar whether and NSAID was taken or not.
So even though the risk of kidney damage is small, and GI upset is a minor problem, why risk it? Pain is your body talking to you and asking you to stop the action that is causing the problem. Why not fix the problem instead of masking the pain? You will be a better runner because of it. And, If you need to take and NSAID, take it AFTER exercise.

*I am not a doctor, so if you have any other questions please see yours :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Joggermom Marathon

Wow! This month has flown by! I started out feeling very optimistic about my ITB issues, especially after winning my age group in the SJA 5k. Then tragedy struck and I wrenched my back at work just two days later sending my ITB and back into rageful fits of anger and taking my optimism and kicking it out the window.

But today was different.

With only three days left to finish up my Joggermom Marathon, I put my running gear on and headed out to do some speedwork at the track. I warmed up really well, rubbed my ITB down and off I went. 8x400 meters later, here I am with optimism renewed and a smile on my face. Both my back and my knee were pain free and I am still feeling pretty good. (I hope I didn't jinx anything by writing this post!)

What I thought was going to take me less than two weeks to run, The Joggermom Virtual Marathon, took 28 days. But I did it!! Here is my medal...

2012 Finishers Medal

And here is the picture we were asked to send in. I was going for "let me sneak out of here before they wake up" but it ended up like "what is that weird woman doing in the background." Oh well, It looked better in my imagination, haha!

Thanks for listening to me complain about my ITB the last several weeks. Hopefully, from here on out nothing but positive posts about how well my training is going!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Unlike my MOTOACTV review that you can read HERE, YURBUDS did not ask me to do a review nor did they provide product for me to review. But they should. So why am I taking my precious time to review something that I wasn't asked to review. Because they are AMAZING!

Ironman Inspire Pro
I have little ears and I have never in all my 37 years found a brand of head phones that were comfortable, stayed in place, didn't lose the little foam earplug cover thing, and didn't end up getting a kink in the wire and stop working after a couple of months. I finally gave up a couple years ago and just bought the cheap $10 ones from Target. It wasn't worth spending the extra money on something that was going to break anyway.  Until now that is.

I had been seeing people blog about these YURBUD things for a while and I was intrigued. So, while I was at the Disney Princess Race Expo back in February, I had the chance to check them out and I was sold! They don't fall out!! They use Twist Lock Technology (can that be considered a technology)? Anyway, it works. The women pulled on the wire and they stayed in my ears.

They are sweat and water resistant. Allow for more ambient noise, so you are aware of your surroundings, important if you are out on a run. The ear plug part is made of soft silicone so your ears don't hurt. Plus if you buy the fancy one they are compatable with your iPhone and have a woven cord that won't kink.

Although,Yurbud didn't send me a pair, I was lucky enough to receive a pair of the Ironman INSPIRE PRO for my birthday back in March from my husband. I have been so happy with them, I tell people about them all the time. Especially if I seem them wearing a pair of Dre Beats, so I can tell them why mine are better.

I wish I could say I was doing a giveaway of Yurbuds, but I am not as popular as SUAR or The Boring Runner. So no, no I am not. But if you want to get yourself a pair go online or get yourself down to Best Buy. Tell them I sent you.

Do you have a pair of Yurbuds? Do you even listen to music when you run? If so, what genre do you prefer?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Food Situation in America

Who is Glenn Pendlay and why do I keep posting links to his blog on my FB page?

I was looking for a friend’s blog on Word Press and I happened to see a link to his blog. I have never heard of Glenn, but the title and subject is something I am, I hesitate to say passionate about, but I am very interested in nonetheless....The Food Situation in America. It's horrible, I am currently reading In Defense of Food, by Micheal Pollan and if I can ever stay up past 8pm, I will finish it and give you my book report.

Glenn is a highly respected Olympic Weight Lifting Coach. He is all over the strength training/weight training world, blogs, youtube, etc... and now he is a blogger that I want to hear more from. In yesterdays post, I'm Pissed, Part I, Glenn tells us he is pissed at the amount of junk food that is constantly being thrown in our faces. He cites his experience from being in Guatemala where the food is simple and comes mainly from whole food sources, to his plane ride back to the States and how 5 commercials in a row are junk, junk, and more processed, high sugar high fructose corn syrup, fat laden junk. What has become of our nation’s food supply?

If you are like me, just a mom who wants their children to grow up happy and healthy, knowing that you did the best you could for them, including providing healthy wholesome foods, you should be mad at the state of things in here in the good ol’USA. The food that we mass produce is killing us. This Western Diet gives us diabetes, heart disease, and cancers. We need to take a stand! Am I saying we should picket and lobby at the capitol, no. I’m not that person. I’m just saying that we all can do our part by reading labels before we buy; avoid highly processed foods that claim they are good for us; avoid artificial colors and flavors; AND buy whole foods, including FRUITS and VEGTABLES!

Ok, I am going to hop off my soap box. By no means am I a perfect little Martha Stewart at home whipping up foods from scratch with the organic produce I grew in my garden. But I am doing my best to limit the processed foods I purchase, as well as, avoiding artificial colors and preservatives. I don’t buy all organic, that would be impossible for me. But I do visit local farms with my children and purchase as much locally grown fresh produce as possible. I want my children to know where food comes from and it isn’t a grocery store shelf.

Do you only eat organic? Are you a believer in the Paleo diet? Or, Is the term clean eating foreign to you? Could you care less and say bring on the HFCS and Blue #1?

Monday, May 21, 2012

More Than Just an Annoyance?

"You must listen to your body. Run through annoyance but not through pain." - George Sheehan

Ok, ok, I'm listening! My ITB is still bugging me and now my back is jacked up. Yes, jacked up is an official medical term. Two weeks ago at work I was demoing the leg press, I wasn't paying attention to how much weight was on the stack when I went to extend my legs and felt my back wrench. Great. I just prayed I could get up and still feel my feet. I could, but my pelvis is all out of whack again and I am back to where I was last year at this time...numbness and tingling in my right foot and calf.

I am sure you have heard me whine about how last year I was getting something out of the back of my son's closet and jacked my back up, so I will spare you the details. You can read about it HERE and HERE.  It took a very long time to get over all  the symptoms and get back to running. I never got a definitive diagnosis as to what exactly was wrong with me.  I was told a bulging disk, degenerative disk, and/or sacral torsion.  All fun things to deal with. NOT!

No one could tell me if I was doing more harm than good by running so, like any runner, I ran. Running actually helped with my symptoms and made the tingling feeling in my lower extremity go away. Not this time. It's been two weeks and between my back and my ITB I haven't been doing much running. Not that I am in tons of pain, but I am not sure that these symptoms are just annoyances.

So, I am putting myself on the injured reserve. I probably should have done this two weeks ago, but I am a hard head. Plus,  I just couldn't bring myself to admit that I am hurt. I am going to chill for a week or two. Good thing I have my MOTOACTV GPS and Fitness Tracker so I can track all the non-running activities that I am going to be partaking in. (That last line should be read with a bit of sarcasm in your voice!)

Have you ever been injured but just couldn't come to terms with it? How did you cope?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

MOTOACTV: GPS Fitness Tracker and Smart MP3 Player

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be sent the world's first all-in-one GPS Fitness Tracker and Smart MP3 Player, MOTOACTV by Motorola. All Motorola wanted in return was an unbiased review of their devise. (I love blogging!) So here goes...but first I might warn you I am NOT a techie and will probably have you slapping your hand against your head if you are!

Where do I start? It's a pretty cool little device.  It is way more 2012 than my Garmin 305. Not only is it a GPS for running and cycling outside, It has ACCUSENSE Technology that allows you to use it inside to on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, and step machine. And according to their website up to 40 other activities,including squash, snowboarding, yoga, yard work, golf, and kayaking to name a few. (Yes, it really has yard work listed as an activity you can track. Score! I told you it was cool!)

You can wear it as a watch or pop it onto this little clip that it comes with and wear it like an iPod. If you cycle you can buy the bike mount and have it right there on you handle bars.

It is about 2 inches square and touch screen. The main screen is the time piece. You can change out the look just like on your phone by tapping the screen and picking from 15 different ways to view your clock, including my two fav's a skull clock and a runner who's legs are the hour and minute hand, clever.

If you swipe your finger to the left you get to the mp3 screen. The device comes with a bunch of preloaded songs. Thanks Motorola, but I didn't like any of them. You can sync it right to your itunes and create play lists, add podcasts, and it even has an FM radio option. Pretty cool.

Swipe it again and you get to the Notification Screen. Here you sync the device to your  phone so that you can make and receive calls through your head phones! If you have an Android phone you are suppose to be able to text as well. This is a nice touch, but you need to have your blue tooth on and your phone with you out on a run for this function to work.

If you swipe the screen back past the time piece you get to the Workout Screen. Here is were the magic happens. There is a list of options, recent workouts, running, cycling, walking, elliptical, step machine, and custom workout (just in case you want to track you leaf raking ability!).

 Before I go on about the workouts we must talk about the online support and website.  There is so much this device can do you really need a good user friendly website. There are forums, online chat, and instructions, if you like that sort of thing. You can design your workout online, map your route, create and join challenges, manage your workout data, and this all syncs directly to your device, wirelessly!

Back to the workout screen, that route and workout you planned online, it's now on your device. Just click the tab that says planned and off you go. Don't have a plan? Just hit quick start. Or, want to do 5 five miles or burn 500 calories, well click target and then select time, distance, and/or calories and go! The device will tell you when you get there. While you are out running you can change up the screens by simply tapping or swiping you finger across the screen. Check your pace, your time, view a map. There is also a "coach" that you can turn on or off. This breathy woman will tell you your miles, give you pointers, etc. I like it when she tells me I ran my fastest mile ever and quotes my time.  

So, pretty amazing, right? I have really enjoyed using it. I haven't completely packed my Garmin away. I am slowly being won over by it's sleek design and function, but it makes me nervous. The screen is fragile and I have had several people tell me that theirs cracked (not while running) but they dropped it or fell on a trail and cracked it. Plus is is accurate? For the most part yes, yes it is. I have worn both my Garmin and the MOTOACTV and they were pretty close in terms of pace and distance, although my Garmin tells me I'm faster!

What my MOTOACTV does better than my Garmin, is it finds the satellite about a million times faster! This is huge. I am usually waiting and waiting and waiting for my old Garmin to pick up a signal, but the MOTOACTV usually has it within 30 seconds.

I really don't have many negatives about this device and the ones I do have have been pretty insignificant, like I do not like the color red. I would prefer the accessories to be black or blue. You can however, change your screen colors, so mine is now blue. I thought that the headphones would drive me nuts because it goes from my wrist to my head and I am used to wearing my phone on my arm. But this doesn't really bother me at all. If I am using the device while lifting I just use the clip instead. I didn't like the head phones it came with so I got a pair of YURBUDS. Told you, silly complaints. 

Overall, a really nice device. It is so much more than just a GPS watch. I hope that overtime I can learn all the functions and really get the most out of it.

If you want to learn more and are one of those technologically superior people here is the link to THE SPECS.

THANKS MOTOACTV! Great product!

Friday, May 18, 2012

His name is Cujo and this is how he looked at me!

I have fallen off the blogging wagon lately. I have been busy with life and have been trying my hardest to distance myself from the world of social media. (I know, very counterproductive to someone who is trying to establish a blog.) But, I am trying to be more present when with my family and spend less time checking FB on my iPhone (yes, I finally got an iPhone). And to be honest, with the exception of a raccoon on the loose in my neighborhood, I have nothing fun and exciting to blog about.

My ITB is still bothering me. I am taking this as a sign from the big guy upstairs to cool it with running for a while. I am trying to enjoy other activities like strength training, yoga, sleeping, and bike riding with my kids in tow. Soon enough it will be time to gear up for training for my late summer/fall races (like next week).

I checked out In Defense of Food from the library, but have not had enough energy at the end of the day to crack it open for more than a minute before my eyelids become heavy. I am intrigued by how much crap is in our food and how much processed junk we as Americans eat. Once I read this baby I will give you the rundown.

I have been implementing a new grocery shopping/meal planning system (told you NOTHING EXCITING) I am planning my families meals for 2 weeks and doing one big shop per week and then the following week doing a smaller shopping trip for fresh produce, milk, etc... which seems to be working well. It is saving me time and $. I have been prepping most meals on Sunday, so I can just throw stuff in the oven when I get home. Huge time saver there. I just re-read this last what an amazing life I live. Yawn!

I DO have a ton of COOL and EXCITING things I want to blog about and once I get a moment to sit and relax, I will share them with you!

Have a great weekend and if you are running this weekend, whether a race or just a nice run all to yourself enjoy it! You never know when your last run will be.
Haha, my friend said that last part was a little depressing. All I am saying is enjoy your life, especially the people in it and your health!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Color Me Rad 5k

Today's post is brought to you by guest blogger Heidi from Love Each Step. She has a great blog about being present and living life fully in the moment.

She graciously agreed to write a recap for Color Me Rad. She also wrote another recap for her own blog here. If you have any interest in running Color Me Rad you should check these reviews out.

Where can you get covered head to toe in colorful corn starch, get to act like a kid, and get a a great workout? At the Color Me Rad series that made its stop in Virginia Beach today! Proceeds benefitted the local YMCA.
From her blog...."This is my journey of practicing presence, of letting go, so I can live more fully with each step I take."
I love the premise to this series- just fun! No timing chips, no corrals, no pressure! It helped me remember that running isn't always about PR's- it should be fun. There should be times when you aren't competing, when you aren't hoping to overcome just one more runner on the horizon.
A part of the day that I was really looking forward to was meeting many of the moms from the MRTT group! It was exciting to meet people in person, and we had a chance to get a group picture.
The race was staged at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex, and even though traffic around the area was thick and slow moving, the Color Me Rad organizers were allowing people to start well after their assigned wave times. I was in the first wave, and it was packed-- white shirts as far as I could see ahead of me! For the first quarter mile, walking was the only option. Luckily, I wasn't too concerned with how much or how fast I ran, but I did sympathize with another runner who said she had trained for this, her first official run, and had been hoping to put up a good time. I'm sure she relaxed and enjoyed the fun because the first color stop was early in the race. Volunteers were ready and waiting to throw colored corn starch at all of the runners, and it created a huge, multicolored cloud that we could see as we approached. The course weaved its way through fields and grassy areas surrounding the sportsplex. At times the path was a bit narrow, and even though I was trying to remember that this was all for fun, I couldn't help but step into the long grass along the side of the path and gain a little ground!  Four color stops later, and we reached the finish line. The race ended with all of the runners pummeling each other with colored corn starch one last time. It was a blast and such a different experience for a "race."
It didn't feel like a 5k, but I decided not to wear my Garmin for fear that it would be ruined. Another MRTTer used her GPS and clocked a 2.83 course. Color Me Rad's entire premise is all about not worrying with many rules or guidelines. It almost seems fitting that the course should be a 5k, but it just misses the mark! That is a challenge to those of us who are a bit Type A, a bit too comfortable with structure. For me, the day was all about pushing my adult, grown-up self aside and simply enjoying the experience- something we should try to do more often.
Overall, it was a great run, and I'd definitely do it again, but I think the next time, I will bring my boys to enjoy the messy fun, too. They were there to watch, and I could practically see them drooling to get down and dirty!

There are only a few things that I wish had been different about the way the event was organized. The trash cans were few and far between, so as we were walking out, there were water bottles and plastic bags everywhere! This definitely wasn't a "green" race, and I hope that the parking lots and other areas were cleared by the end of the day. The other issue that I saw was that the fruit and water was directly at the finish line, so it was coated with the colored corn starch. Maybe it's just me being picky, but I'd prefer clean fruit and water... Or maybe that was another moment to learn to relax and just eat the blue apple? I passed on that opportunity. Maybe next year!

A Broad on Broad Street

I feel the need to introduce myself to Courtney’s followers, my name is Aimee Gardina. In a nutshell, I am a former elementary teacher, now stay-at-home mom with a four year old son and three year old daughter. I found the need to enjoy some “me time” after going through some freakish medical complications that I will spare you the details on as well as trying to find “a thing” for me and thus, running became my cheap therapy.

So I am wrapping up my “spring training” runs and Courtney asked me to do a review on my last run which was the Blue Cross Broad Street run. This run boasts on being the biggest 10 miler in the country, enabling 40,000 runners to run the mostly downhill street race straight down Broad Street, a busy road that starts in North Philly, goes through center city and finishes in the Navy Yard in South Philly. My sister lives in Philadelphia and we had heard about this run after completing one in Philly in November so we were excited to do this one together.

Let me begin by telling you that this is a race I will be doing again. Not even a question in my mind and let me tell you why…..

I had the registration date for this race in calendar in my phone (because I found after having children that I could no longer remember anything) and sat at the computer on that morning to sign myself and my husband up for this race. I also texted friends who I knew were also interested in doing this run a reminder about today being the day! Unfortunately the page I pulled up said the site is basically on overload and is crashing. Awesome. Apparently lots of people also have this in their phones or perhaps their brains still work. So fine, onward with my day….I worked out, brought my recycling to the recycling center and came home to give it another go…. I got in!!!! Yay! So I quickly registered myself and my husband. My sister also was able to register from work and then the next thing I knew the website said they are at capacity and all other interested parties could now register for a lottery for the last few places. This race sold out in 4 hours. Wow. That left a lot of angry people who work all day and couldn’t register yet. Counting my blessings…..

Fast forward to packet pick up day, the expo was in the Lincoln Financial Field. To those of you who could care less about sports, that’s the Philadelphia Eagles Stadium.  The expo was held on the club level…which is the top level.  That means for us, we had to drive to south Philly on Saturday and then walk ramp after ramp to the top to pick up our stuff. We joked as we walked up that this was how they weeded out the incompetent runners. The crowd was surprisingly small, but we heard it was crazier earlier in the day. All in all it took us about 30 minutes to pick up our stuff, laugh at the funny t-shirts the vendors were selling, sample the new black cocoa coffee Dunkin Donuts was sampling (delicious both times we grabbed one) and head into center city for the night.

Even though this was just a 10 miler, we felt the need to “carb up” so we went to a restaurant we have been to before that is close to my sister’s apartment called Giorgios on Pine (on Pine Street obviously). As on previous visits, the food is beyond amazing and it’s safe to say we all had about a loaf of bread to eat in addition to our meals. If you are ever in Philly and want some ridiculously good food, try this restaurant. I could write a whole blog on this jackpot find so I will just leave this deliciousness to your imagination.

After a good night sleep we headed up to the start line in North Philly at about 7:15. The run is scheduled to begin at 8:30 and we wanted time to find our corrals and the ever delightful porta-potties with time to relax with the other 40,000 other runners. Thankfully we had someone to drop a group of us off, most of the runners took the subway up to the starting line (the subway was free for runners that day, thank you SEPTA!) Now for those of you not familiar with North Philly, it is a VERY interesting place. Let me paint this picture for you….. North Philly has some great stuff (my mom always told me to say nice things) …. Temple University (including a law school and a hospital) and Albert Einstein Medical Center.  (There I said some nice stuff)  but it also is a straight up ghetto. But I have to say, I have NEVER seen so many local spectators so excited for a race before. There were people leaning out their windows (a lot without shirts, yes) yelling and cheering. There were street bands playing for the runners that varied from a gospel group on the steps of a church, to a high school band, to a guy with a set of drums and his dog lying next to him. This was a major event!!!! I have to admit I took my head phones out after the race started. I honestly don’t know who was more entertained, the runners or the spectators. I again could write all day about things I saw and am having a tough time deciding my favorite part of the race…. Was it the guys running in Flyers jerseys together carrying a blown up Stanley cup? Was it the man who ran the entire thing in a full body lime green spandex suit?? Was is the group of military guys that ran together holding a massive flag and stopping every mile to do pushups and squats??? Was it all the North and then South Philly residents that came out to cheer like we were a parade??? I don’t know. All I can tell you is that this is something everyone should experience.

The race continued down through the city and we ran around the historic and magnificent City Hall and I stopped for a photo op complements of my sister. Then we headed into South Philly, which just like North Philly, had the streets lined with people cheering like we were soldiers returning from war. It was incredible. You run past the sports complex for all of Philadelphia teams then end in the Navy Yard alongside the ships.

The only real negative I can tell you is that because there was so many people, your phone didn’t work that well so if you planned on using Pandora while you ran you were out of luck and also it was difficult to find people unless you planned on a meeting place ahead of time.

What I opted not to mention thus far is my time.  I was planning on running a 10 minute mile for this which would get me a time of 1:40. I ran a 10 mile trail run the week before this with my husband with a time of 1:47 so this was well within reach since this run is on a paved, sloping downhill road. My sister called me a few days before the race, panicking about her not being able to do 10 miles and threatening about dropping out. I felt like I had a real mature adult life altering decision to make. Do I run my race, pushing for a good time by myself or run/walk the 10 miles with my sister by my side? As with all major decisions I make, I put myself to bed after fretting all day and woke up and knew what I had to do. I explained to my husband that even though I had been training for this for months and I knew I could do this with no problem, it was more important to me as a person to be the best sister I could be not the best runner I could be in this situation. I could run 10 miles for a good time anytime I wanted  to but I couldn’t run/walk through Philly with my sister whenever i felt like it. My husband is more than understanding of my closeness with my family and encouraged my decision to hang with my sister. We finished this run in 2:13. A terrible clock time for a runner who trained, but an irreplaceable time and experience together.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

SJA Stingray Race Recap

Today was the 10th Annual Stingray 5k, 1 mile, and lil'ray run. I have done this race several times, once even while pregnant with my little one. Our church puts it on at Little Island State Park in Sandbridge. The weather was perfect for a  late spring/early summer run at the beach. My favorite part, besides the kids run, is that our Priest starts the race on his Harley. Yes, my Priest rides a Harley and surfs.  

Last year I ran it with 3 friends and we all won our age groups. This year,we were back and ready to kick some stingray tail. Well, kind of us just had baby and for obvious reasons isn't back to running. Meagan, my running partner in crime, just started a new job and has been a little busy learning her new career and me, well, I have been low mileage since March with this stupid ITB issue. My parents were also in town visiting and my mother entered as a walker and took third place! Go Georgene!

I wasn't sure how I was going to run. I went in with low expectations. My ITB has made it impossible to to do any real mileage and I have lost a lot of my endurance since the Shamrock back in March. Plus you never know who is going to show up at these races.

My husband was scouting the competition. He was trying to judge anyone that looked like they might fall into my age group and he spotted two women, who just looked fast and about my age. Well, they were fast. When Father's Harley roared and everyone took off, these two were out of my sight within minutes. I kept listening to my father-in-laws words of advice "run YOUR race." I tried not to get caught up in the crowd and start too fast and I just tried to kept my pace around 7:50. I decided that if those two were in my age group and they were that fast, than there was nothing I could do about it and God Bless Them!

I would like to say I held my pace pretty consistent throughout the race, but I didn't. I dont' know what I did exactly (because I have no idea how to use my Garmin), but I was between 6:40-7:50 the first mile. The second was right around 7:50-8:00/mile. The third mile with where things got iffy. I was at 8:00 then 8:45, then back down to 7:50 then up to 8:50. I somehow managed to dig deep and ran the last .3 miles at 6:43 pace. I thought I was going to pass out. I heard my older son cheering for me with all his might and although, inside I was like, "Thanks, C! I love that you are cheering for me, and I am giving you a high-five as I run pass." Outside I was gasping for breath and didn't have it in me to do more than try and raise a finger to him. I felt so bad. I let him know repeatidly that I heard him and that I love that he was cheering for me and it helped me to my finish! Thankfully, he was ok with that.

After I finished, I jogged back to my mom, who was still walking and walked the last half mile or so with her. She did really well and enjoyed getting her walk on.

Next up was the the lil'ray run, for 5 and under. My church is awesome. It is free for all the kids and not only do they get race bibs, they run to get a prize. This year they got sand pails filled with a beach ball, bouncy ball, a baseball cap, and some toys from Chik fil a. They had a blast. My older son was serious about racing too. It was really cute! P was just happy to get his toys and that is what it is all about....them enjoying being active.

So after the race, we stuck around for the awards, at best I thought I got maybe third in my age group. When they called third then second place and neither were me, I figured I didn't place. No big deal. Those women were fast! But then they called me for first place! Lets just say that those women were in the 40-44 age group, not only were they fast, they looked great for their age. Well done girls!

Totally surprised!
It was a good run and I think I can safely say that my knee problems have subsided. Thanks again to my PT, Dave! And a huge thanks to my wonderful husband, who I drag to these things and takes care of the boys while I run. Love you!