Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spirit of the Marathon

Play with Caillou
I took the boys to the our local library on Friday. My oldest wanted to get his own library card because Caillou got one and he thought he should have one too. I am all about promoting literacy so off to the library we went. My son got his library card and told me that I didn't need to help him get his books, but it came out like "Mom, stop hovering! I can do this myself and I don't want your help." WTH? Two days ago he asked me to wipe his bum, but I can't help him with library books??? Anyway, back to my story...

While he was  looking for books, and the little one was playing with the toys, I was looking at the DVD's. (It's amazing what you can get at the library these days, watch out Redbox!) I was looking for something that my husband would actually watch with me and right before I grabbed Hot Tub Time Machine, I saw them...Spirit of the Marathon and Running the Saraha. SCORE!

At this point I could care less if I had something to snuggle up on the couch and watch with my husband.  These are must sees for the running obsessed. I figured I would have to watch parts of them over the weekend when my TV wasn't being over run with sports, PBSkids, or the Wii, BUT and this is a huge BUT, my 2 year old watched Spirit of the Marathon with me! It was his idea too!

Right after dinner, while I was helping clean up the kitchen he said "Mommy, watch running guys." Who am I to say no to such a cute little endurance athlete in the making!  So with the dinner dishes everywhere I poured myself another glass of wine (hey it was Friday) and snuggled up on the couch with my Sweet P.

If you haven't seen Spirit of the Marathon it is about 6 runners preparing for The Chicago Marathon, including Deena Castor, Olympic Bronze Medalist and holder of too many records to list here. They also follow first timers and repeat marathoners while giving a history of the marathon.

Nerd Alert!!!! Nerd Alert!!!!

Did you know that the marathon was only 25 miles until the British Royalty stepped in and increased it by 1.2  miles so they could view it from the comfort of their thrones without mingling with the common folk? Well, it's true, the movie said so. My favorite part has more to do with women in sport than the actual people training for the marathon.

Katherine Switzer was the first women to run the Boston Marathon in 1967. She registered under K. Switzer and it wasn't until the actual race did they figure out she was a woman. That guy in the photo is trying to force her off the course. Well, she didn't leave and finished the race. I not only love this story because I am a woman but because I got to teach my 5 year old a lesson about women's equality. He asked why won't they her run? And I told him because men used to think that girls couldn't do what boys can. He looked at me funny, got up, spun around on one foot, turned to me and said "can girls do that?"  Dead serious. Mental head slap. "Yes buddy, girls can do that. In fact girls can do anything boys can do (but we do it better)." He looked at me suspiciously, but I know I got the message out there.

All in all, I felt motivated and inspired by the athletes in the movie. At times I was even tearing up. Maybe it was the wine, but that movie had me ready to sign up for a marathon. (Even though I have sworn them off until the boys are older.) It had me thinking, I can do this. What a great feeling of accomplishment it will be to complete something like this. Needless to say I was moved.

On the other hand...Running the Sahara, well, lets just say it was a good thing I was drinking. I definitely give the guys props for running for 111 consecutive days, traveling over 4,300 miles. It is no doubt an amazing accomplishment, not only for running that far and for that long, but for what they endured along the run, but Charlie annoyed me. He was such a baby. He acted like he was he tired or something. To save you some time I will give a a brief over view of the movie; three guys run, every day, for 111 days. Oh, and there is sand, lots of sand. Got it? I just saved you two hours of your life.* You're welcome.  

*I think it was two hours, I kind of zoned out after a while.

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