Monday, April 16, 2012

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

It has been a month since I ran the Shamrock Half Marathon. It has also been a month since this whole IT band nonsense started. You can read about my ITB here and here. I have been self treating and it has gotten a little better, but I can't get past 4 miles without the stabbing pain. It sucks. So I made an appointment to go see my friend and physical therapist.

I went in on Friday and got a full evaluation. My IT band is not tight, it doesn't have any adhesions, and my muscles are strong (well, mostly). Which means I shouldn't be hurting, but I am.

So what did he find? When I walk, my left foot slightly turns in and the right is pretty neutral. I was videotaped while running from the back and side. And from that he said I looked normal, but he needs to review my footage, hahaha. (I don't know why that sounds funny to me it just does.) And my pelvis is malaligned. Which isn't breaking news for me. I have had SI joint problems since college. This flares up now and again. I don't think there is a correlation. 

He did comment on my shoes. Which I was really happy with when I got them. You can see my post here. I switched to Brooks Ghost after my NB 759 were discontinued and the new model didn't feel right. These Brooks have a huge lip on them, which I did notice in the past and didn't think anything of. (I have wide feet so I wear wide shoes.)  He has had a couple other people who wear these shoes have problems. I really would love to pin it on my shoes. What an easy fix, right?  I also have something going on with my ankle and I am not sure if there is a correlation.

I have two appointments scheduled this week.  I am going to continue with my strengthening and he is going to work on releasing my piriformis and straightening out my plevis. In the meantime, I am going to try some runs in my old shoes. They are still in ok shape, just a little muddy, to see if there is any difference.
love these shoes

Keep your fingers crossed!

Do you hate it when shoe companies change your favorite shoe?? Why mess with a good thing?

Do you buy multpile pairs of your shoes before they come out with the new model?? I thinkg I bought 4 or 5 of the NB 759's.

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